Golf News for Friday, October 16, 2009
"It was a tough day for me," said eliminated competitor Ed Moses. "But coming here and feeling the competitive sensations that Big Break put me in will pay off astronomically in my game." [... more » ]
"I played in the 2008 World Series of Golf and loved it so much that I had to join the company," said Daly, a veteran television host and journalist. "I couldn't ask for a job that better fits my skills." [... more » ]
"I probably hit 10,000 balls this season on the practice range, but this was the first big tournament I played in," said Landis, who started playing seriously four years ago, "so I am really pleased that I was able to put together a good round." [... more » ]
"We wanted to introduce a new model for those players who seek a bag that is both lightweight and offers an array of features," said Craig Ramsbottom, President, The Bag Boy Company. [... more » ]
"Outfitting TheGolfCourt with aboutGolf technology will provide a level of learning and practice that cannot be accomplished any other way," said Chuck Faust, President and COO of aboutGolf. [... more » ]
"Comments from knowledgeable players who already have previewed Shining Rock are that they think they are playing a course designed by a major golf architect," said club spokesman Tim Gordon. [... more » ]
"EWGA student membership is a wise investment for full-time college women as they prepare to enter the professional world," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the Executive Women's Golf Association. [... more » ]
"We are excited to be ranked once again by Special Events magazine as one of the top 50 event companies worldwide," said River City Hospitality President and CEO Stephen Wilson. [... more » ]
"The Colorado Carbon Project will provide valuable environmental information that will help shape the golf industry for the future as well as creating the funding for future research and development" said Noble Hendrix at Golfpreserves. [... more » ]
"I am proud to have figured out a way to help food panty shelves remain filled while taking care of the SMT customers and fans at the same time," said MIke Tait, the owner of SMT Golf. [... more » ]
I don’t understand why the Olympic committee resorted to such a pedestrian format. Was is lack of creativity or pure laziness? This is going to leave a lot of golf fans with an about face. Most of whom will agree that omitting any kind of match play event is leaving us all slighted. [... more » ]
A release just hit my desk announcing nominees for this year’s Golf Tourism Scotland’s Gold Standard Awards. The nominees for Golf Course of the Year are ... [... more » ]