Golf News for Friday, January 9, 2009
"Golf benefits from HD more than almost any sport. For the first time, Golf Channel HD viewers will be able to fully appreciate the stunning beauty," said Golf Channel President Page Thompson. [... more » ]
This week, Golf for Beginners talks about Tiger Woods’ ranking both on and off the course as well as John Daly’s opportunity for a change of pace. We also offer a few golf drills to practice during the cold of winter. [... more » ]
"Marriott Golf's success with this Audubon Certification mandate program is unprecedented in the golf industry and speaks to the level of commitment," said Kevin Fletcher, executive director of Audubon International. [... more » ]
"Someone using The Putting Game can set the stimp to match their local golf course," said Fred Knecht, Director of Sales and Marketing. "This way, the golfer will be practicing to perform best where he plays." [... more » ]
"The acquisition of uPlay makes sense for us on several fronts," said George Fellows, President and CEO, Callaway Golf. "We've said that we would look for acquisitions to help accelerate our growth." [... more » ]
"Twelve Horses not only offers the most complete ticketing solution possible, but it also has a proven track record," said Michael Stearns, Legends Reno-Tahoe Open tournament director. [... more » ]
"This will be the first time we have taken the opportunity to demonstrate to developers, builders and architects how to take full advantage of the information contained in the guide," said GCBAA Executive Director Paul Foley. [... more » ]
Bensel led the section's money list with $15,987.50. Bensel also posted the best stroke average with a 69.91 average based on 12 rounds. He also won the final two Srixon PGA Tournament Series events. [... more » ]
"At Golf Academy of America, we have many success stories that reflect what we teach our students: work hard and share your passion for golf," said Tim Eberlein, PGA master professional and GAA director of golf. [... more » ]
"Lebanon is pleased to add our support to programs that give superintendents access to information and resources that help them," said Dave Heegard, Lebanon Turf vice president and general manager. [... more » ]
"It was definitely a good year for me, and to play in my first PGA Championship, which also was my first major was an experience I will not forget and one that I wish I could have enjoyed earlier in my career," said Skinner. [... more » ]
"Through the years, Jim has been complimentary to grounds crews and superintendents while covering golf tournaments on national television," said Will Heintz, awards committee chairman. [... more » ]
"Tim has done so much to elevate the profile of the golf course management industry," said GCSAA President David S. Downing II, CGCS. "He has done a tremendous job advocating for the industry." [... more » ]
In fact, a recent survey by Wrigley's Doublemint gum reveals that preparing for an athletic event, can be more stressful for everyday athletes than a trip to the dentist's office or a public speaking engagement. [... more » ]
"In terms of pricing, we try and offer something for everyone," said Harry Kicklighter, Jekyll Island Director of Golf and PGA Professional. "During the winter, it is great to see couples and families out." [... more » ]