Golf News for Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Highlights of the new Fall 2009 collection include the introduction of PrimaLoft technical fabric into the Performance 18 collection and Signature reversible luxury knitwear pieces. [... more » ]
Will Barrack Obama support golf, or will he bulldoze golf courses for low-income homes ala Hugo Chavez? [... more » ]
"We named it The Putting Game because it's a putting game that improves your 'putting game'. More than just a training aid, it's an extremely entertaining indoor golf game," said Fred Knecht, Director of Sales and Marketing. [... more » ]
"We welcome this talented and diverse advisory group," said LPGA Commissioner Carolyn F. Bivens. "We are fortunate to have this extraordinary mix of expertise and varied capabilities." [... more » ]
"The 2009 PGA Merchandise Show provides a perfect opportunity for PGA Professionals to work with industry leaders and share best business practices," said PGA President Jim Remy of Okemo Valley Golf Club. [... more » ]
The Putting Contest will be conducted throughout the first two days of the PGA Show. A shootout challenge among qualifiers at the end of each day will determine winners of Rife Putters and other prizes. [... more » ]
"We are excited to add the FlightScope Putting Eagle to our state-of-the-art system," said Henri Johnson, CEO of EDH, maker of FlightScope, an indoor-outdoor ball-flight and launch monitor for golf. [... more » ]
"I was a little overwhelmed by my play the last two days," said Jim Logue, former PGA head professional at Brookside Country Club. "I only missed two greens over 36 holes and I really hit it well out there." [... more » ]
"We're excited to lend support to the PGA Assistant Championship, both at the Section level and the National Championship," said Joe Urzetta, Sr. Vice President of Sales, Callaway Golf. [... more » ]
"We are very excited about partnering with the AJGA to further promote the future of golf and provide these young men and women a chance," said Jerry F. Holditch, Laredo Energy's vice president - geology. [... more » ]
"Bridgestone has always provided me with a golf ball I can count on, and I am confident that being in their clubs will provide me with more consistent performance on a shot-to-shot basis," said Snedeker. [... more » ]
"We are very excited about the combination of West Baden, with its luxurious amenities and national recognition, with the soon to be highly acclaimed Pete Dye golf course,"said Mark Bommarito, VP of sales and marketing. [... more » ]
"They, along with their facilities, have demonstrated that golf courses can be compatible with the environment, and in many cases enhance it," said GCSAA President David S. Downing II, CGCS. [... more » ]
"We are honored to have Jane Sirmons, Teacher of the Year, Gerald Richardson of The First Tee, and Doug Leeds leading our national after school enrichment programs through out Florida," said James Pugliese, BGA President. [... more » ]
"The arrangement has made it possible for the Trust to invest in the courses and facilities over the years which has resulted in a far better experience for golfers," said Alan McGregor, GM of the Links Trust. [... more » ]
Will Barrack Obama support golf, or will he bulldoze golf courses for low-income homes ala Hugo Chavez? [... more » ]
One of the reasons I focus on this topic as a teacher, is because here we are centuries after golf was invented and golfers still have “You looked up” and “Keep Your Head Down” as the #1 diagnosis of poor shots in golf. [... more » ]