Golf News for Friday, January 2, 2009
Podcast host Dave Berner talks to Mike Bailey about great off-season golf in Arizona. "There are some bargains now," Bailey says. Dr. Chris Garner of Myrtle Beach offers tips to keep your back healthy. And equipment guru Frank Thomas talks about his new book, "Dear Frank." [... more » ]
"We're offering an elegant getaway for an extremely affordable price. With gas prices low, it's an opportunity to enjoy one of the Southeast's finest resorts," said Jann Walker, director of marketing at Pawleys Plantation. [... more » ]
In 2008, the strength of the Nike athletes and the performance of Nike Golf products is indisputable resulting in 11 wins on the PGA Tour by seven different Nike Golf athletes, two of whom won multiple times. [... more » ]
"Aura shafts represent a complete fitting system for the clubmaker," said Tim Gillis, vice president, sales & marketing, Graphite Design. "This line offers multiple launch and torque options to fit any golfer's swing." [... more » ]
The poll is a precursor to the new golf course ranking system to be unveiled by Ohio's Golf Magazine in the January 2009 issue. The rating system will use a scale of two to five Buckeye icons. [... more » ]
The Golf Pro Network is open to all Golf Professionals in all aspects of the business. From General Managers, Directors of Golf, Head Professionals, and Directors of Instruction all the way down. [... more » ]
"This wide-ranging and ambitious study comes at a time when the game is booming in the EMA region, with burgeoning growth in golf tourism and real estate," said Andrea Sartori, head of KPMG's Golf Advisory Practice. [... more » ]
"Bubba is really excited to be with Sligo Wear and we're certainly excited to have him with us," said Sligo Wear Director of Sales Shawn Aucoin. "We think Bubba is going to have a great year in 2009." [... more » ]
A native of San Diego, Calif., Cochran is a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy with a degree in applied business and golf operations management, with an emphasis as a teaching professional. [... more » ]
"Lorcan is certainly determined to see how well he can do in golf. We think he will be a terrific ambassador for White Oak in the Carolinas," said Patrick Kinsella, senior architect at White Oak. [... more » ]
Attention all parents with kids ages 3 to 12 years old that live in the greater Orlando, FL area! Have your child learn Golf....the game of a lifetime....and have fun doing so with the Little Linksters. [... more » ]
"Ned brings brings many excellent years of experience in junior golf, business management, and sales experience to his Regional Director position," said James Pugliese, president, The Better Golf Academy. [... more » ]
The PGA recognizes Jerry Mowlds, Bill Britton, Marty Nowicki, Christopher Toulson, Jared Isaacs and Darrell Kestner, in various regional sections, as among the 2008 PGA Award winners for instructors. [... more » ]
"I am delighted that my peers have recognized me for my dedication to junior golf. We will continue pioneering junior golf with international efforts," said to James Pugliese, President of The Better Golf Academy. [... more » ]
One in four children grows up not knowing how to read. La Paloma Academy wants to combat this; their goal this year is to purchase a new reading curriculum and the necessary materials for the students. [... more » ]
As I look back on my 2008 golf season, I can’t help but feel every passing year gets better on the golf course. Even after playing more than 400 courses around the world, I still appreciate finding new gems and experiencing the subtle touches of each new resort or destination. [... more » ]
It's finally over. Actually, it was over so long ago, the Fat Lady is hoarse from singing about the woes of 2008. So here's to '09, which I'm optimistically declaring the Year of Redemption only because I hope the last 365 days were as bad as things could ever get. Predictions, wishes and observations for a New Year ... [... more » ]