Golf News for Wednesday, January 14, 2009
"The first thing you will notice will be the triangular shape producing a unique appearance at address which is by design," said Jeff Summitt, Technical Director at Hireko Golf. [... more » ]
"The superior performance of Aldila's new innovative shaft designs can help enhance the performance of even the top players in the world," said Mike Rossi, Aldila's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. [... more » ]
"Our Dynamic Gold and Project X shafts chalk up wins on the PGA, European, Japanese, Nationwide and Champions Tours each and every week," said Scott Hennessy, president and CEO of True Temper Sports. [... more » ]
"Cape Fear National is so far beyond what golfers have ever experienced in this region," said Tim Cate, designer of the 18-hole layout. "I am very proud of what has been accomplished with this layout." [... more » ]
"We continue to embrace fellow home-grown brands like Swingnature in our efforts to offer our customers as many choices as possible," said Stephen Bebis, President and CEO of Golf Town. [... more » ]
"Building on the success of last season's totes, we've expanded the line to include several different styles, allowing women to choose the shape and design that best suits their needs," said Keri Murschell, company founder. [... more » ]
"For advertisers, Ad-In-The-Hole may be the most effective and inexpensive advertising medium in the nation that directly reaches upscale consumers," said Doug Malecki, CEO of Ad In The Hole-USA. [... more » ]
"A commitment to eco-friendly practices is based on understanding and awareness of serious threats to the environment and potential consequences to our future generations," said Philip Thompson, President, Eagle One. [... more » ]
"SkyCaddie technology has been validated by players of all levels and we are excited to partner with a company whose mission reflects that of our Association to grow the game," said PGA of America President Jim Remy. [... more » ]
"They offered to buy my hobby and turn it into a very large and important part of the golfing business." said founder Charlie Mandel. "Rankmark is like one of my kids. How could I resist seeing it grow taller and stronger?" [... more » ]
"Our Tour Style Leaders Program has been a tremendously successful initiative and we're proud to partner with such passionate, inspired women," said Linda Hipp, Lija's founder and principal designer. [... more » ]
"The transition to the use of the acronym EWGA is designed to take the intimidation factor out of the 'E' word," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the association. "We serve a diverse, international membership." [... more » ]
"We love starting out the year at the FBR Open and are thrilled to have the reigning champion participating with us there," said Russ Holden, Caddy For A Cure founder and veteran PGA Tour caddy. [... more » ]
"We all have a responsibility to give back to the game and support youth athletics. Player's Pass has been a leader in the effort right from the beginning," said Andy Mears, President of Player's Pass. [... more » ]
Do you "tweet"? Then follow and Brandon Tucker on the micro-blogging, social networking tool Twitter. [... more » ]
There's a new twist coming to the PGA Tour this year. Held over the course of the entire year, the Kodak Challenge may bring some top names out to more events...or not. [... more » ]