Golf News for Thursday, September 18, 2008
"These high performance clubs are the most fashion forward in the marketplace; I love them and what they say about me and my golf game," said Murphy, the affable host of The Golf Channel's "Highway 18". [... more » ]
"Bonterra uses a lot of the same water management and habitat strategies at its vineyard that Audubon International recommends for its golf program," said Don Freytag, global brand director for Bonterra Wines. [... more » ]
"We are pleased to learn our rating increased this year," said Melissa Suttles, General Manager of Mystic Dunes. "Mystic Dunes' layout is truly unique to Orlando and I think golfers enjoy the experience." [... more » ]
"We are honored to be printing these tees for the European and United States Ryder Cup teams," said John Iacono, founder and C.E.O. The limited edition tees have the players flags printed on them. [... more » ]
Patrick Bell, owner of Bowler & Blake Limited, took the call on the 2nd of September to design and produce custom woven silk ties for both the USA Team and European Team and deliver by the 16th of September. [... more » ]
"There are golf legends, Hall of Famers, major champions, top-ranked players and 2008 winners everywhere you look in this field," said Torrey Gane, Samsung World Championship Director. [... more » ]
The MG703 is available as a 10pc set (No.4-10, 11, AW, SW) or can be broken into a partial set as per the customer's preference. An active sole with "extreme rounding" accommodates practically any lie. [... more » ]
uPro's accurate and recent imagery of Valhalla Golf Club gives users the fun and enjoyment of seeing the whole course and captures the latest changes made for the Ryder Cup competition. [... more » ]
Throughout the tournament, GO!View, the video on demand service for the PSP, will have all the major plays and highlights available in daily shows for download, ensuring the best action is never missed. [... more » ]
The W7 includes only those women with the game, the beauty and the personality to create a major presence in women's sports, both on and off the course. These seven women are a mix of newcomers and veterans. [... more » ]
"Gary brings some incredible industry experience and knowledge to this new role with Profile Golf," said Joe Betulius, vice president of sales at Profile Products LLC. "He will be a key player in driving business." [... more » ]
"Going from wearing a back brace for seven years, not knowing if she was ever going to play the game again, to finishing third in the U.S. Open shows the true character that she possesses," said Dick Lyons, Mizuno USA Golf. [... more » ]
"I am excited for what the rest of the 2008 season will bring as our team continues to grow in both strength and numbers," said John Iacono, owner and founder of Excel Golf Products, about the growing team. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to be associated with the FCWT and, in the process, to be building some positive momentum for the future of our brands," said Eddie Fadel, Ashworth Inc.'s President. [... more » ]
How many stories have you seen, both from here in the U.S. and abroad, hailing Boo Weekley as the social savior of that tense, uptight, Republican bunch of mopes otherwise known as the U.S. Ryder Cup team? [... more » ]
The Americans have their best chance in a while to win the Ryder Cup. I’m not exactly feeling anything like Ben Crenshaw when he proclaimed to be a big believer in fate. No, I see many reasons to like the U.S. chances. Six, in fact ... [... more » ]