Golf News for Wednesday, June 4, 2008
"The KBS Tour shafts provided superior performance down the stretch to win the Memorial Tournament, and that top-level performance is exactly how we engineered these premium steel shafts," said KBS engineer Kim Braly. [... more » ]
"The quality of Ecco shoes is second to none," said Bram Cotton, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the Canadian Tour. "This is a great opportunity for the Canadian Tour and we’re thrilled." [... more » ]
The cologne finds its appeal in the scents of the fairway: greens, clover and woods. Top notes include lush greens, sparkling citrus and coriander seeds. Middle notes feature sweet clover, emerald cypress and aromatic spices. [... more » ]
No woman should ever have to miss another opportunity again simply because she can't play golf. "Ladies, Get a Grip" will help inspire the confidence that can propel women out of the clubhouse and onto the links. [... more » ]
"The NGF board of directors and its officers continue to be one of the most prestigious boards in the industry, representing a variety of industry segments," said Joe Beditz, president and CEO of NGF. "We are pleased and honored." [... more » ]
"Golfers at our resort enjoy the assistance the ProLink system provides from tee to green," said Lance Munden, Head Professional at Holiday Hills. "Play is quicker since golfers receive yardages and hazard information." [... more » ]
"Joe D. plays an enormously improved game utilizing our swing method," said PGA Professional Ken Martin, Natural Golf’s Director of Instruction and Executive Director of the Moe Norman Golf Academy. [... more » ]
Adrienne Flentge and Laura Cray have earned promotions while Richard Carter has been newly appointed to support the company’s expanding portfolio of golf properties under its ownership and management and further growth. [... more » ]
Johnson first joined the Marriott team in 2004 as Assistant Golf Professional at Wildfire. Soon after, due to his hard work and unmatched dedication to his position, Johnson was promoted to Golf Shop Supervisor. [... more » ]
"You can't believe how much Mark Woodward has meant to Torrey Pines," said Mike Davis, USGA senior director of rules and competition. "I can't even begin to list the things Mark has done." [... more » ]
Boyne, the leader in Michigan golf with eight stunning courses spread between three magnificent resorts, is offering $50 of free Nike golf products included with its remarkable June Unlimited Golf Packages. [... more » ]
"We've seen a significant increase in repeat guests to our partnering properties," Amenity Services/ CEO and President Darrell Blanton said. "We're proud to be at the forefront of what is becoming the standard in the vacation rental industry." [... more » ]
Known for his unconventional trademark looping golf swing, the junior Furyk has the resources to provide an "unconventional" Father's Day gift for the senior Furyk, who many say is responsible for Jim's unusual swing. [... more » ]
The Cheap Bastard loves Hawaii. What's not to love? Beautiful women, glorious golf opportunities, fabulous beaches - it's paradise. And you can enjoy golf in Kauai cheap if you act now. [... more » ]
Sports Illustrated listed the top-paid athletes in the U.S., and it may come as no surprise that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson rank No. 1 and No. 2. [... more » ]