Golf News for Monday, June 30, 2008
"I always enter a project with a perceived conception of what it's going to look like at completion and this is already better than I had envisioned," said Tom Fous, vice president/senior project manager of Pine Lakes. [... more » ]
Leading the second-half ADT Points list with 372,262 points is Helen Alfredsson who finished in second place at the U.S. Women’s Open. In-Kyung Kim is in second place on the list with 171,626 points. [... more » ]
Hennepin County Environmental Services worked with the United States Golf Association to make the U.S. Women’s Open the most green golf event yet. Around 300 recycling bins and 150 organics collection bins were placed on site. [... more » ]
"We're impressed that these pros continue to demonstrate their confidence in the innovative material design and technology, and superior performance of Fujikura shafts," said John Hovis, Fujikura PGA Tour representative. [... more » ]
"OnOff irons feature state-of-the-art engineering and deliver top of the line performance, but they also make a strong style statement about the player," said Mike Matheny, general manager of sales for Daiwa Golf Company (USA). [... more » ]
"You can't believe how much Mark Woodward has meant to Torrey Pines," said Mike Davis, U.S. Golf Association senior director of rules and competition. "I can't even begin to list the things Mark has done." [... more » ]
"We believe that this consolidation will help the SRI Sports Group in strengthening sales bases of its golf gear lineup across the globe, and respond more quickly to customers’ needs," said Hiroyuki Bamba, SRI Sports CEO. [... more » ]
Rounds played in the U.S. were down 4.4% on a same-store basis in May 2008 vs. May 2007. However, because May 2007 rounds were above average, the recent drop is actually a return to normal May volume. [... more » ]
"We believe golf can be a catalyst for great things in a young person’s life, and we’re excited to help The First Tee and other local golf programs bring youngsters to the game," said U.S. Club Car Chairman Phil Tralies. [... more » ]
Enter a competition, book a tee time and coordinate with friends, manage your handicap and view your statement all from the convenience of your office, comfort of your home or on the move with your smart phone. [... more » ]
"This has been a very exciting year leading up to the 50th anniversary of the PGA Championship that was held at Llanerch," said Jack DelPizzo, club president. "The membership has been very supportive of our effort." [... more » ]
Myrtle Beach has more than 100 golf courses, many of them officially listed among America’s greatest. And, greens fees in this golf-centric town are surprisingly affordable — especially in the summer months. [... more » ]
"We've always known that this is the best travel and trip planning software on the market, and now we have unbiased results to back up our claim," said Keith Kreft, the President of Never-Search, Inc. [... more » ]
"Distance management is the single most important element of proper practice but it has never before been addressed by an affordable device that is suitable for personal use, driving ranges, instruction, club demos and other events," says Jon Leven, CEO of National Golf Products. [... more » ]
It's hard not to love the way Ochoa handles herself. She's one of the classiest figures in all of sports, the rare star who never acts like a diva star. But you have to separate that from her performance. And Ochoa stunk it up at this U.S. Women’s Open. [... more » ]
El Cheaperino is off on a whirlwind golf trip to - Zimbabwe. Yes, President/Dictator Robert Mugabe has sent the Prince of Pennies an invitation to try out some of his nation's golf courses and see what a great vacation spot Zimbabwe truly is. [... more » ]
"Needless to say, we’re excited about opening in these two great golfing states," said Bill Conwell, IPT SVP-Business Development. "Our new District Directors are committed to providing a quality playing experience." [... more » ]