Golf News for Thursday, June 26, 2008
Now that appearance offers are no longer easily forthcoming, Michelle seems to be developing a sense of humble graciousness, coming to the realization that it takes talent, not youth or the appearance of ability, in order to gain recognition in her chosen field. [... more » ]
"This week’s victory really reflects why we are the leading brand on Tour," said Harris MacNeill, President of Champ. "Each win is a new milestone and to have our patented technology at the top of the leaderboard is really special." [... more » ]
"We are pleased that so many Tour professionals trust our brand every week and are excited to see more than 80 percent consistently using Golf Pride grips to perform at the highest level," said Jeff Fiorini, GM for Eaton’s Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"The results from this past weekend speak to the shear number of great players that have converted to our tees," said B.J. Maloy, Evolve Golf CEO. "The Epoch has truly become a staple among the world’s elite golfers." [... more » ]
"Leading the driver count in this important tournament further demonstrates that Fujikura shafts improve the performance of players of all skill levels," said David Schnider, President/Chief Operating Officer of Fujikura. [... more » ]
"The 1 Hotel brand aligns perfectly with Ms. Loof-Koehler's iconic master plan development at Wyndansea. We share a passion for style and luxury derived through sustainable design," said Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Capital Group. [... more » ]
"The 'Who’s Behind Your Success?' contest enables one lucky person to play golf with one of the best professional golfers in the world. We are proud to be able to offer this opportunity," said Mark Audino, McGladrey Chief Marketing Officer. [... more » ]
"The Jamega Tour provides the perfect stage for professionals to prepare themselves for the challenges that lie ahead, no matter what their age," said David Grahame, project manager for Chip and Spin magazine. [... more » ]
" already hosts an extensive, world-wide database, however we are now focused on returning to various areas to offer a greater number of courses," said Patrick Nichols, Project Manager, L1 Technologies, iGolf Division. [... more » ]
"The Audubon program has been instrumental in educating our team about the importance of environmental preservation, and its place within the golf industry," said Jason Winter, Golf Course Superintendent, The Rock Golf Club. [... more » ]
"Many courses may want the revenues from carts, but Jackson Hole is an active community where members and players like to walk the course to share in its natural beauty," said Matt Fawkes, Director of Golf, Snake River. [... more » ]
"Golf Fitness Magazine examined all aspects of footwear performance and we are honored to win in both the men’s and women’s categories," said C.B. Tuite, General Sales Manager, ECCO USA Golf Division. [... more » ]
"We want to create a memory that lasts forever, sharing moments with friends and family that can’t be replicated. Pinehurst is the place where these perfect trips happen," said Don Padgett, president of Pinehurst. [... more » ]
It's one thing to follow up one shot with another. But if you were to play your second ball all the way through, would it really be a scratch golfer? I found myself alone on the golf course yesterday and decided this was an ideal opportunity to test the theory for myself. [... more » ]
I challenge anyone to name a sport other than golf where the toughest event in the world could be won by a competitor with a stress fracture and torn ACL. As bad as those injuries were, the nature of the sport of golf allowed the injured Tiger Woods to win the US Open. [... more » ]
The Starr Pass Golf Club, a 27-hole Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Facility, offers stunning views of Tucson and surrounding Arizona mountain ranges. The Gold Tee Award is given annually to outstanding golf/meeting properties worldwide. [... more » ]