Golf News for Friday, May 30, 2008
"I don’t know how you can show tour domination in any other way," said Harris MacNeill, President of Champ. "Three tournaments, three winners and three distinctly different traction requirements." [... more » ]
"BMW is proud to be an Official Partner and the Official Car of The 2010 Ryder Cup and is delighted to be associated with one of the world's great sporting contests," said Ian Robertson, an official of the BMW Group. [... more » ]
"We’re proud of our association with the world’s most recognizable golf instructor, David Leadbetter," said Tenniel Chu, Executive Director, Mission Hills Golf Club. "He personifies our efforts to emphasize proper instruction." [... more » ]
The one-day event which is designed to introduce golf as a relationship-building tool, will include a presentation by Todd Cook on course etiquette followed by a demonstration on how to properly repair ball marks and divots. [... more » ]
"Steve is a solid addition to the Advisory Council and he brings a wealth of business acumen to the table," said Greg Norman, who heads The Advisory Council. "The Institute will gain a great deal from his involvement." [... more » ]
"We are looking forward to having Mr. Black as our featured speaker," said GCSANC President Brian Nettz, CGCS. "I understand he has the unique ability to fire-up a crowd, encouraging others to tap their highest potential." [... more » ]
Sponsored by the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, and Florida Golf Magazine, the goal is to "have fun while raising awareness of accessibility issues concerning disabled and mobility challenged golfers." [... more » ]
"We're blazing all kinds of new ground in Vietnam," said Joe Millar, director of golf at Kings' Island. "We were the first course to open in the north of Vietnam, and now we're the first in Vietnam to let there be light at night." [... more » ]
Pelican Hill Golf Club knows what dad wants for Father's Day: to play a fantastic golf course, catch the final round of the U.S. Open, choose something special from a top-notch golf shop, enjoy an exceptional meal and a fine cigar. [... more » ]
"Attracting top-quality professional tournaments, of course, depends not merely on the quality of the golf course, but on financial support, as well," said Ove Sellberg, manager of golf at Vasatorp Golfklubb in Sweden. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to reopen the Water's Edge after a long awaited renovation," said Ronald L. Willard, President of The Willard Companies. "There has been an incredible level of anticipation to unveil the designs." [... more » ]
Over a year ago, I argued that Native American tribes have done more for golf in this country than any other group in the last decade. The Coeur d'Alene Tribe certainly lived up to that new tradition (and beyond) with Circling Raven Golf Club. [... more » ]
Greg Norman's post-Senior PGA Championship reaction to Roger Maltbie’s inquiry about his future plans provided confirmation from the horse's mouth that Norman has been deeply scarred psychologically from all of the losses. [... more » ]
"These items were being listed as brand new, legitimate Cleveland Golf products," said Steve Gingrich, Vice President of Global Legal Enforcement. "We were successful in our efforts to shut down another individual." [... more » ]
"We call it extreme fundraising because we are going to 50 golf courses in 50 States in only 50 days," said co-creator Bill Evans. Evans and his friend, PGA professional Craig Forney, will spend most of June and July travelling. [... more » ]
Rounds of golf played in the U.S. were up 2.5% in April 2008 vs. April 2007 on a same-store basis. April performance was actually slightly better than the numbers would indicate because there was one less weekend play day this April vs. last. [... more » ]