Golf News for Friday, April 25, 2008
"We've created our 19th Hole Wine Club for people who love wines and the golf lifestyle. Our club will enjoy golf trips and events that celebrate golf, wine and great food," said Kris Moe, who is also a golf school owner and operator. [... more » ]
"Many golfers don’t realize the impact even slightly dirty equipment can have on their game," said Aaron Heap, FizGolf’s founder and president. "Grimy grooves and dirty dimples counteract today’s precision golf equipment." [... more » ]
"I am greatly honored by this distinction," said Ed Kageyama. "We strive to provide unbeatable hospitality for our guests, and this tribute reflects on not only me, but the entire staff and management team at the resort." [... more » ]
"I’ve long been impressed with TaylorMade’s performance products and their overall commitment to the game of golf. To be a part of the executive team at an industry leader like TaylorMade is very exciting," said Sanchez. [... more » ]
Koenigsfeld, who has an extensive academic history in the hospitality and club management industries, earned a Ph.D. from Auburn University in 2007 for his studies in hotel and restaurant management. [... more » ]
"The SWSPGA wants to develop our junior players into becoming polite, respectful, confident and productive members of our society," said Eddie Grant, a former NFL lineman with the Detroit Lions and ASU graduate. [... more » ]
"This is such a great opportunity for our young men and women to meet the community that supports them," said Captain Michael Remington, NASJRB Commanding Officer. "It’s a great morale boost." [... more » ]
Kapalua Resort, on the island of Maui, offers ten residential communities, white sand beaches, premier Ritz-Carlton accommodations, two world-class golf courses, a tennis complex, and a vast nature reserve. [... more » ]
"The GCSAA is a very important component of our business strategy – not only at a corporate level but also at the chapter level," said John Walther, vice president of national sales. "We are very excited." [... more » ]
"Our Excel Golf Staff Players are such talented golfers and well-respected both on the course and off, as they continue to give back to the communities that helped them get their start," said John Iacono, Founder & CEO of Excel Golf. [... more » ]
"Unlike others out there, the system that we are using will allow the golfer or clubfitter to actually use golf shafts and clubheads of different diameters," said Mike Tait, SMT owner and clubhead designer. [... more » ]
"Our goal is to provide a meaningful contribution to the industry and we believe that continuing education and professional development is the key," said John Brauer, global sales manager for IVI-Golf/Sandtrapper. [... more » ]
Trevor Immelman's a Celtics fan! If more foreigners embraced American sports, where "football" is played with helmets and violence, the world would be a better place and we might conceivably be able to get rid of soccer. [... more » ]
This is the weekend of the infamous Laughlin River Run, a time when nearly 100,000 Harley lovers congregate to pay tribute to their rides. The town's all about motorcycles this weekend (though places like Laughlin Ranch and other Laughlin golf courses may have a say about that before it’s all over). [... more » ]
George Peper, former editor of Golf magazine and author of 17 golf books, received the Donald Ross Award from the American Society of Golf Course Architects recently at its annual meeting in St. Andrews. [... more » ]
"Based on the tremendous success of our inaugural Golf Town Invitational in 2007 we’ve decided to make this tournament an annual tradition," said Stephen Bebis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Golf Town. [... more » ]