Golf News for Friday, December 12, 2008
"This is an incredibly stable shaft design," states Jeff Summitt, Hireko's Technical Director. "Surprisingly, the reduced tapered profile along with the high modulus material utilized in the filament wound construction gives you the sense of control of a heavier and beefier shaft." [... more » ]
Here is a look ahead to GOLF CHANNEL programming for the week of Monday, Dec. 15 ... [... more » ]
"Our latest innovations, which will be unveiled," said Brian Verdugo, chairman and president of L1 Technologies Inc., "will provide amateur and professional golfers with the ability to advance their game." [... more » ]
"What really sets the Jamaica Pro-Am apart is the attention to detail of the tournament staff and the incredible level of hospitality and the natural friendliness of the people," said Greg Moore, of sponsor Nike. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to offer our members with a first-class country club experience," said Jimmy Han, KemperSport's general manager. "This clubhouse will enhance the Vellano Country Club community." [... more » ]
"We look forward to welcoming new friends and families to The Territory community," said Rick Braught, who along with his wife Barbara, owns The Territory, located in southwest Oklahoma. [... more » ]
Harmony Links Golf is positioned as the consultative partner to improve on existing designs, enable golf courses to provide an improved set of greens, reducing costs by hundreds of thousands annually. [... more » ]
"Club Networker magazine will benefit the whole of the golf and private clubs industries, and we are encouraging all industry professionals and stakeholders to sign up for a free subscription," said Jerry Kilby, CMAE CEO. [... more » ]
"I felt most comfortable and confident with Adams Golf equipment. Their success with hybrids is all the talk on tour, and the new drivers and hybrid-fairway woods are some of the best I've ever hit," said Tseng. [... more » ]
"Ben is a great addition to our Tour staff. He's young, athletic and a champion, all the ingredients that we believe make up the Sligo Wear consumer,'' said Sligo Wear Director of Sales Shawn Aucoin. [... more » ]
"We are pleased to able to partner with a dedicated and caring organization like the TGA in order to help enrich the lives of inner city students through golf," said Brian Rosenstein, VP of the Wilbur D. May Foundation. [... more » ]
"The Summit achieved its goals of providing a venue for the PGA teaching professional to improve his or her ability and enhance their value with their clients," said Brad Sullivan, PGA senior director of member programs. [... more » ]
"That is the No. 1 untruth in golf instruction," Charlie King said. "Anyone who has ever dreamed to become a better golfer should download the book and see for themselves. It only takes 10 minutes." [... more » ]
"It is fitting that the USGA would recognize a golf course superintendent for its Green Section Award," said Golf Course Superintendents Association of America President David S. Downing II. [... more » ]
So not everyone is pleased that the PGA of America has tabbed Corey Pavin as the next American Ryder Cup captain. Now there’s a surprise. [... more » ]
Corey Pavin: "Compared to the Ryder Cup, the U.S. Open is a walk in the park." [... more » ]