Golf News for Wednesday, November 5, 2008
"We're absolutely ecstatic," said Carolyn Alt, Show Manager. "Not only is Rick such a talented teacher and course designer but he's also a wonderful ambassador for Michigan golf." [... more » ]
"It's all about fun," said Mickelson, who has won 34 PGA Tour events and three major championships. "The weather's great in the desert, the courses are a kick to play, and the players enjoy the camaraderie." [... more » ]
"I cannot thank enough, those at the TGAA Tour, who make these events possible. There are many of us who have always dreamt of playing competitive golf at the professional level," said Heilig. [... more » ]
"These are outstanding victories for Fujikura as they continue to demonstrate that our shafts can improve the performance of professionals of various skill levels," said Dave Schnider, President/COO of Fujikura. [... more » ]
"We are very pleased to see that 93 percent of the top 30 finishers who played in the Fall Series Ginn sur Mer Classic depended on Golf Pride grips to play their best," said Jeff Fiorini, GM for Eaton's Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"The timing for this victory couldn't have been more perfect," said Jim McIntosh, tour representative for UST. "The PGA Tour is the perfect stage and a victory is the perfect message." [... more » ]
"We're proud to announce the launch of our new Proforce AXIVCore Series shafts," said Gene Simpson, senior vice president for UST. "The Proforce AXIVCore is an extremely efficient way to design." [... more » ]
"With breakthrough Y-Tune Technology and an exotic hybrid set make-up, the MX-100s will offer the maximum amount of forgiveness," said Dick Lyons, VP and General Manager, Mizuno USA Golf Division. [... more » ]
"It's terrific to see so many of the world's best golfers relying on the benefits of SRT-3 technology," said Richard Gray, Clarus Transphase Scientific President and Chief Executive Officer. [... more » ]
"The sustainability, engineering, affordability and style of Axion bridges are a natural fit for courses while the status quo of traditional materials is old news," said James Kerstein, CEO of Axion International. [... more » ]
"Fore! Auctions will help charity fundraisers reach more bidders, attract new donors and raise more money," said Marianne Lines, Managing Director of Fore! Auctions, an online auction site. [... more » ]
"We are looking forward to partnering with Solarflare Communications and assisting them with their U.S. Open customer outing," said River City Hospitality President and CEO Stephen Wilson. [... more » ]
I saw a local newspaper voter guide that showed a golfer being dragged off the golf course to go vote. What’s the message there, that golfers don’t vote? Can’t we leave golf alone? Not everybody skips work for a round of golf or takes a politically motivated junket to Scotland in exchange for favors. [... more » ]
"It may also be yet another datapoint which suggests that golf might be recession-resistant but it's far from recession-proof," said Pellucid President Jim Koppenhaver. [... more » ]
"Once again, America has come together for Patriot Golf Day, a campaign that is a perfect match for those who love both our country and the game of golf," said PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb. [... more » ]