Golf News for Wednesday, November 12, 2008
"We are pleased to have an individual with the experience, vision and expertise that Earl Marshall brings to GOLF CHANNEL," said Page Thompson, president of the cable network. "He has a proven track record and I look forward to working with him." [... more » ]
"These great players have discovered that it provides unmatched gains in both distance and accuracy that cannot be found in another tee," said B.J. Maloy, Evolve Golf Founder and CEO. [... more » ]
"Replacing worn grips with a set of new, personalized Golf Pride grips provides golfers of all levels a way to express their true identity on the course," said Jeff Fiorini, general manager for Eaton's Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"Our Swing in the Holidays package gives golfers a chance to hone their skills on one of the most well-known courses in the world while relaxing at the seasonal home of a golf legend," said Ray Easler, Bay Hill's GM. [... more » ]
In keeping a focus on education, Golf Academy of America (GAA) is proud to host the upcoming Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA) golf tournament on November 15, 2008 at the Lone Tree Golf Course. [... more » ]
"We have an incredible array of thought-provoking speakers and inspiring sessions, spanning both business and golf topics that will resonate with women everywhere," said Pam Swensen, CEO of the EWGA. [... more » ]
At the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, the approach to instruction mirrors Mr. Palmer's philosophy of the game. Each instructor teaches the "go-for-broke, never-let-up" style for which Palmer is so well known. [... more » ]
"The NCGA Foundation was thrilled to work with the Stanford University golf programs to provide an incredible experience for so many deserving kids," said NCGA Foundation Executive Director Adam Heieck. [... more » ]
"I am very pleased that we are growing our after school golf programs in many states, which originally started back in New York and Connecticut many years ago," said James Pugliese, BGA President. [... more » ]
"With the help of the USGA and NBC Sports, we hope to again create a very special and emotional day for one deserving winner," said Jerry Tarde, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief of Golf Digest. [... more » ]
"When a customer wants an item that their local shop doesn't carry, instead of losing that sale, the retailer merely orders that one product from," said Tony Beuter, VP of Operations for VGM Club. [... more » ]
"Tournament after tournament, the world's best golfers rely on the scientifically proven benefits of SRT-3 technology," said Richard Gray, Clarus CEO. "The response to our new offerings has been tremendous." [... more » ]
Designed to complement a golf bag towel, The Putter Towel features a patented shaft clip enabling the towel to be affixed onto a putter or wedge shaft to keep clubs and golf balls clean, dry and free from grass clippings. [... more » ]
"There's not a golfer in the world that shouldn't have The Golf Ring in their bag. It will change the way golfers improve their short game, gain confidence, and reduce their scores," said Dr. Bob Winters. [... more » ]
You know the commercial with the two-faced ticket agent who tells the traveler his fare is $69 only to spin her head around Exorcist-style to reveal another face? Then the guy finds out that the airline has various miscellaneous charges that more than double the cost of the trip. As a traveling golfer, I can relate. [... more » ]
I pass the question along to my fellow lady golfers: if you had ultimate power over your ladies locker room, what would you include? [... more » ]
"The 'Chips In' initiative allows us to really localize our giving and focus on the organizations that matter most in each community," said Stephen Bebis, President and CEO of Golf Town. [... more » ]