Golf News for Wednesday, October 29, 2008
"Considered the advancement to our widely popular ML50 polo, TCT is something fresh that will bring much-needed excitement to the market for Spring 2009," said Jeremy Brandrick, Senior Director of Design. [... more » ]
"We've created seven unique fabric stories combining the highest levels of performance with classic silhouettes and a truly rich hand," said Ralph Dunning, a leading menswear designer headquarated in Canada. [... more » ]
"The family is thrilled," said Linda Hope, Bob Hope's daughter. "Dad would have loved the idea that things he saved and cherished will finally be shared with others who love the game of golf." [... more » ]
"The pull-face construction on the new Caiman Hybrids utilize an active maraging face insert welded to the 4-31 stainless body to help increase the spring-like effect," said Technical Director Jeff Summitt. [... more » ]
Tour Edge Golfs' JMAX Draw Iron-Wood delivers an incredible combination of distance and forgiveness. Unlike past JMAX models, the new Draw Iron-Woods long irons feature an ultra-wide sole. [... more » ]
"With the final touches being put on one of the most awaited resorts ever built, The Resort at Pelican Hill is emerging as a masterpiece," said Ralph Grippo, president of Irvine Company Resort Properties. [... more » ]
"With the Golfers Heaven package, guests can bring their clubs for a free round of golf each day on their choice of Jekyll's four superb courses," said Patty Henning, Director of Sales and Marketing. [... more » ]
"The potential for these products is limitless. These are virtually maintenance free amenities that can only add value to commercial properties as well as homes," said Robert Rooks. [... more » ]
"J.W. has been an integral part of the KemperSports family for more than a decade and has consistently delivered a 'Best in Class' experience at the properties," said KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner. [... more » ]
As director of golf sales, Himmelsbach is responsible for booking golf-only and stay and play packages for the four Glens Golf courses. Himmelsbach will also continue in his current role as Marketing Director. [... more » ]
Host Dave Berner talks to writers William K. Wolfrum and Brandon Tucker about the U.S. presidential candidates. Chuck Evans explains what most amateurs do wrong, and Kiel Christianson on Yes! Golf's Groove Tube putter. [... more » ]
"The golf market is soft, but quality golf at the core of the right sort of development can be successful. Old Marsh is proof of that," said Jeff Harris, president of Harris Golf, owner and operator of Old Marsh [... more » ]
"This event provided the perfect opportunity to enhance and build personal relationships with our vendors," said Bobby Heath, President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Golf Properties. [... more » ]
"The Award of Excellence is further proof that our line of laser rangefinders appeals to a broad range of golfers from beginners to pros," said Jason Seeman, National Sales Manager Golf and Tennis at Bushnell. [... more » ]
"I believe it is very important to use water as intelligently as possible and it is our responsibility as an industry to commit to finding alternative sources of water to meet the needs of golf courses," said Gray. [... more » ]
Take heart Philadelphians, even if JRoll and Ryan Howard go down as members of one of the biggest choke teams in sports history (and that would be a shame and injustice in their case), there is a silver lining. Philadelphia is finally being recognized for its good golf. [... more » ]