Golf News for Thursday, January 24, 2008
"TaylorMade is committed to helping grow the game of golf in China and this is a way for us to celebrate a special moment in Chinese sports history," Mark Klingspon, Managing Director for the Greater China Area. [... more » ]
"The one thing we heard from those who tested the prototypes during our initial development phase was just how easy these were to line up." said Jeff Summitt, the Technical Director for Hireko Golf. [... more » ]
"The positioning of the New DT Carry and DT Roll was derived from some of our most extensive product validation, target golfer feedback and consumer insights to date," said George Sine, VP, Acushnet Company. [... more » ]
TPC Las Vegas presents its Player Privilege Program, which includes access to the PGA TOUR course along with a host of other benefits. The program is perfect for the avid golfer who is looking for a premium golf facility or for those who would like the distinct advantage of impressing business associates. [... more » ]
Daytona race fans are invited to test their golf mettle on a course that hosted a U.S. Open Qualifier in 2007, and has staged a U.S. Senior Open qualifier and NCAA collegiate events over the past three years. [... more » ]
"In addition to personalized, on-board professional instruction and the chance to meet tour pros, a number of cruise lines offer escorted trips to unforgettable golf destinations designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels," said Bob Levinstein, CEO of Cruise Compete LLC. [... more » ]
"I am very proud of the look and feel of this Line. It’s casual enough for golf, but sophisticated enough to wear all day," said Ms. Palmer. "These clothes allow women to feel stylish regardless of whether they are on or off the course." [... more » ]
"Insignia is truly an environmentally safe and golfer-friendly tee, and the unique two-piece design makes it not only durable, but an attractive looking product," said John Hohman, Director of Marketing, PrideSports. [... more » ]
IntelliTurf is currently selling golf business franchises in all states and is looking forward to more western expansion. IntelliTurf works with qualified individuals as well as businesses to deliver the highest quality. [... more » ]
"Not only is John Daly a major championship winner, he is one of golf’s biggest personalities and a fan favorite. We are really looking forward to having him with us," said show organizer Tom Corcoran. [... more » ]
"Our pre-show registration numbers are tracking about 20 percent ahead of last year’s conference," said Joe Rice, the NGCOA’s marketing director. "We’ll be surprised if we don’t see a record number of attendees." [... more » ]
"We’re extremely proud of our 2008 tour staff and believe these players will deliver valuable exposure and represent our brand admirably," said Chip Brewer, Adams Golf president and Chief Executive Officer. [... more » ]
"We apologize for creating this graphic cover that received extreme negative reaction from consumers, subscribers and advertisers across the country," said William P. Kupper Jr., president of Turnstile Publishing Co. [... more » ]
The dollar's slump has made life better for traveling golfers coming from Europe to play courses in the U.S. But what about for the top pros, who are seeing bigger purses on the other side of the pond?? [... more » ]
Why is it that the majority of golfers we see score over par on the par 5s while pros are more under par. It’s primarily based on two factors: Hitting the ball farther off the tee and playing smart. [... more » ]
"The testing done by the people at Rankmark is objective but always incorporates the human element. We are very happy to be recognized with this award," said Ari Techner, Scratch Golf President and CEO. [... more » ]
King oversaw the unique launch of two drivers at the2007 PGA Show, and has been in charge during TaylorMade’s rise to the top of the metalwoods market, capturing as much as 26 percent of the total market. [... more » ]