Golf News for Monday, January 14, 2008
"This is truly a unique golfing experience designed especially for luxury golf travelers," says Maura Nolan, president and owner of IRISH LINKS Tours and Travel, Inc. "We attract private country club members, local celebrities, professional golfers, media and corporate clients. We are expecting an elite field of 48 players." [... more » ]
"The Player Series evolved from our luxurious high performance Signature Series. The line embodies our innovative stylish designs," said Bruce Sizemore, Chief Designer and Co-Founder of The Sizemore Collection. [... more » ]
"We've updated virtually all of the elements of our simulator and the result is a compact and portable unit that will give golfers swing feedback," said Russell Edens, president and CEO of Dancin' Dogg Golf. [... more » ]
"Imperial Headwear was one of the first companies in the golf industry to join the Association of Golf Merchandisers as a Vendor Partner member," said Desane Blaney, Association of Golf Merchandisers, Executive Director. [... more » ]
"We all believe that golfers should have the opportunity to play on a synthetic surface that allows a real golf swing and minimizes the shock of traditional mats," said National Golf Products President Joseph Switzer. [... more » ]
"Pod Links and the Idea Fair are designed to recognize strategic and creative thinking that could be applied in similar situations at any number of courses," said Joe Rice, the NGCOA’s director of strategic marketing & communications. [... more » ]
Consumers purchasing a variety of Brush T products will receive a bonus subscription of up to 12 issues of either Golf Digest or Golf For Women. The promotion is available at any retail outlet that carries Brush T products. [... more » ]
"The National Leadership Council is a prestigious networking association of golf professionals that has provided important counsel to Imperial," said Rick White, President and Chief Executive Officer of Imperial. [... more » ]
"Todd brings a wealth of industry experience to Natural golf. His drive, determination and knowledge of Natural Golf are a tremendous asset to our management team," said Peter Lineal, CEO of Natural Golf. [... more » ]
"One swing and the system captures everything accurately. I can stay focused on the student and we can make fact-based decisions about swing and equipment changes," said world reknown coach Jim McLean. [... more » ]
"These magnetic head covers are technically advanced, and functional yet stylish," said the President of Crospete Sports, Scott Kim. "They are truly innovative and can be customized for any customer." [... more » ]
"The Torpedo III is a testament to good engineering. It weighs only four pounds but has every feature of a full sized golf bag," said Crospete Sports President Scott Kim. "For golfers who prefer to walk the course." [... more » ]
Playing golf can be fairly easy on a player. Jump in the cart, hit the ball, jump back in the cart. Here Karen Palacios-Jansen tells you how to stay in shape to have your best golf game [... more » ]
After Kelly Tilghman's controversial remarks, the solution is clear: The PGA Tour must get rid of Tiger Woods so racism will no longer be a problem. [... more » ]
The spectacular "Million Dollar Shootout" is hosted by Lone Star Leaderboards and Adrian Garcia, Mayor Pro Tem in Houston and will be held at the golf course where you can find the "Best Greens in Texas". [... more » ]