Golf News for Thursday, September 27, 2007
Tiger Woods’ sizzling stretch run from July 5 through Sept. 16, one of the most dominating performances in golf history, has captured a ninth PGA Player of the Year award in the past 11 seasons. [... more » ]
"With this new structure, the Foundation is strongly positioned to provide a more unified voice," said Tim Finchem, who has served as the chairman since the World Golf Foundation was created in 1994. [... more » ]
"While Steve is leaving, it does not mean we are saying goodbye. We will still interact with him and the World Golf Foundation on a fairly regular basis," said GCSAA President Ricky D. Heine in his statement. [... more » ]
"Aspire Golf Consulting isn’t just about agronomic conditioning…it’s a comprehensive golf industry consulting firm designed to support the needs of golf courses of all types, around the world," Moraghan said. [... more » ]
"The square profile, unique perimeter weighting and high MOI all combine for increased ball speed off the face for greater distance and accuracy," said Rob Altomonte, VP of Marketing for Hireko. [... more » ]
"We look forward to a tremendous 24th PGA Cup in Scotland and to our team defending the Llandudno Trophy," said PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb, who will serve as U.S. Captain in 2009. [... more » ]
"It's always been my experience that a round of golf invariably has a way of clearing my head," author Joe Redden Tigan says. "I wanted to write a book that magnified golf's ability to do that, and to a sort of ridiculously fictitious level. But still somehow credible." [... more » ]
In her new position, Kelly Sienkowski is responsible for overseeing all aspects of PGA Education, including scheduling and conducting of seminars. She also works with the 41 geographical PGA Sections. [... more » ]
"Orange County is a hot bed of golf," said Joshua Jacobs, president and founder of Total Golf Adventures. "It has produced many prominent junior golf stars such as Tiger Woods from its area." [... more » ]
"Though we’ve never had one of our Shoe Bags wear out, we decided to upgrade it to maintain the look of our luggage line," said Jeff Herold, the President of California-based West Coast Trends, Inc. [... more » ]
"You can’t teach feel—you have to experience feel," said Rudy Duran, a California teaching professional and Tiger Woods’ first golf coach. “The P3 lets you experience the feel of a proper putting stroke." [... more » ]
"Like all of our products, the Extenda-Ball Pick Up will help eliminate the physical wear and tear on a golfers lower back, hips, knee joints and the major muscle groups," said Jim Egli, owner of Upright Golf. [... more » ]
"This product is a must for courses serious about maintenance. Golfers like using them, which not only improves the course, but reduces maintenance cost," said Hugh Penton, President of Starting Time. [... more » ]
I find it surprising how many pundits are fingering the Internationals as favorites in the Presidents Cup. One report had the Americans as underdog to a "potent" International squad. [... more » ]
Isn't golf a captivating enigma? It is a puzzle, a seductive siren. One has golfing moments when the spirit is riding on Mt. Everest, only to be followed by moments in the depths of Death Valley. [... more » ]
This year's annual golf tournament will be held on Friday, October 12, 2007. Proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society's 9th Annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" fundraising event. [... more » ]