Golf News for Thursday, August 9, 2007
"Each and every year, this is the deepest field we play in all year," said Tiger Woods. "Generally, it's 98, 97 of the top-100 or so that are here. On top of that, Kerry [Haigh, PGA Managing Director of Tournaments & Marketing] does a great job of setting up the golf course and making it fair." [... more » ]
"The winning is nice and it's really exciting to win, but it's more exciting to spend three days with the other fathers and sons who enjoy the game of golf," said Elwin Miles, chief operating officer for DG Golf Management. [... more » ]
"The Coeur d’Alene Tribe is paying tribute to our people and the land by doing things like giving Indian names and meaning to Circling Raven’s golf holes," said Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort & Hotel CEO David Lasarte. [... more » ]
"The fact that only four players in the top 35 finishers did not use our product, speaks volumes about the strong presence of Golf Pride grips on the PGA Tour," said Jeff Fiorini, general manager for Eaton's Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"There were a lot of C-Thru Grips in play this week," said Kim Rippere, President of C-Thru Grips. "We are honored to have been a part of this historic tournament as the ladies played the Old Course for the first time." [... more » ]
"Aldila remains the leader, innovator and premier manufacturer of high performance graphite golf shafts," said Stewart Bahl, Aldila’s Marketing Manager, in response to the victories. "Aldila remains the shaft of choice." [... more » ]
"Different ball, different shoes, different irons, different iron shafts, different rescue club, said the champion. "Other than that, no changes. It was a tough two years but I'm glad to be back in the winner's circle." [... more » ]
"Being part of tour history and a player’s personal history is fantastic. Having our spikes worn by the winner of the men’s and women’s Open Championship is great," said Harris MacNeill, President of Champ. [... more » ]
At the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, nearly two-thirds of the field utilized PrideSports’ products, including 7 out of the top 10 finishers. At the Reno-Tahoe Open, 10 out of the top 10 finishers utilized PrideSports. [... more » ]
"It was unfortunate that the tournaments came in the same week, but I wanted to play the Illinois Open, which I've won three of the past four years," said Small. He is now engaged playing in the PGA Championship. [... more » ]
"Having been an industry insider for so many years, he inherently knows how to relate to both our consumers and fellow golf professionals," said C.B. Tuite, General Sales Manager, ECCO USA Golf Division. [... more » ]
Phil Immordino, Chairman of the GTAA and Author of “How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament,” will serve as the guest speaker for the seminar, called "Take Your Golf Tournament to the Next Level". [... more » ]
"Private club development and golf real estate development are like anything else: You’ve got to maintain your momentum and build the whole thing as planned," said Jason Harris, vice president of Harris Golf. [... more » ]
Tulsa already has winners without a shot being fired in anger. They're the perspicacious bunch who lumped on Tiger Woods for the PGA championship way back when his price was out over 4. Cue comprehensive victory at Firestone that shortens the price to just over 3, and they're sitting pretty whatever happens. [... more » ]
Those declaring Barry Bonds breaking Henry Aaron's home run record the end of sports civilization are as in touch with reality as Paris Hilton or well ... a reality TV star. Yes, there is more evidence linking Bonds to steroids than Sergio Garcia to bad fashion sense. [... more » ]
he PGA Fall Expo has agreed to host the world premiers of three related initiatives to benefit breast cancer survivors. The programs will be promoted to the public through a coast-to-coast media and promotional tour. [... more » ]