Golf News for Monday, August 6, 2007
"When we signed Palmer, we expected these types of results. He is such a clean ball striker who can get really streaky," said Excel Golf Products Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bob White. [... more » ]
"Discovering great golf destinations before they are discovered by the masses is one of the primary reasons savvy golfers subscribe to Golf Odyssey," said David Baum, author of the travel guide. [... more » ]
"On the 13th I holed from 45 feet and then I made another great one from just off the green on the 14th from 18 feet - it was nothing compared to the other one," said Carlsson. "It feels very good to win." [... more » ]
"I remember Jack Grout taking me around to the locker room, getting autographs of Skip Alexander and Lloyd Mangrum, Sam Snead, and a variety of the players there," said Jack Nicklaus. [... more » ]
"Just another solid day out here with my game," said Braver. "For me it has been hitting the ball well lately, but today I was able to make more putts as well." The win was the third of Braver’s AJGA career. [... more » ]
"I practiced so hard leading up to this event," said Gibson, of North Carolina. "It’s feel great to be playing my best at the end of my junior career and I hope to carry it over to the start of my college career." [... more » ]
"The birdie on No. 1 gave me confidence, just knowing that I had the mindset to play today," said Jandel. "This has been a big summer and I needed to make some noise, so I’m happy to close it out and win." [... more » ]
"We (the West Team) played so much as a team," said Canon Cup veteran Stephanie Kono. "We played solid this week. Not only is our team better on paper now, but we’ve proved that we can beat the East." [... more » ]
"t just gives me a better perspective on life," said Spinella. "Last summer I put so much pressure on myself to play good golf. Now I know it’s just a game and a privilege. I just go out and have fun, and it’s paying off." [... more » ]
"It feels really good to finally say I won an AJGA event," said Chan Kim, of Honolulu, Hawaii, about the win. "I can’t believe that it has finally happened, and I now have the opportunity to play in Invitationals." [... more » ]
"Patriot [Golf] Day is a call to action – a call to American citizens to help the children of our Fallen Heroes," said Dan Rooney, a PGA Professional. "Its success depends on the Patriots who support it." [... more » ]
“It says ‘I support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’ while it performs well around the green. It is the Power of Pink," said Brian Allman, President and co-founder of Sweet Spot Golf, in reference to their new putter. [... more » ]
"By introducing the new 'Travel Guide' section within these two most popular three-month-long issues, we have increased the readership," said Dick Holcomb, Travel & Resort Advertising Director. [... more » ]
"Each year we look for opportunities to add value and new benefits that reward our most frequent golfers - who oftentimes have been cardholders with OB Sports for several years," said Phil Green, President of OB Sports Golf Management. [... more » ]