Golf News for Monday, August 13, 2007
"We are pleased to provide EWGA logo weatherwear," said ProQuip USA President Randy Payne. "The association brings more women into the game and their members are very loyal consumers." [... more » ]
"The PGA of America is proud to welcome American Express into this historic new chapter of partnership and public awareness in our Association," said PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Joe Steranka. [... more » ]
"We had an outstanding day of fittings and feedback. One of Dallas' top amateurs, Michael Rainer switched from his Callaway Tour driver straight into the SX.1 from Versus," said Bo Hodnett of Golf Tech. [... more » ]
"Professionals around the world continue to excel playing Graphite Design shafts, and we're proud to provide them with the tools for victory," said Tim Gillis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Graphite Design. [... more » ]
"Peter’s vision of our future and mission is based on his first hand involvement in our company over a 10 year period. He has history with us," said Harry Snyder, President and COO of Natural Golf. [... more » ]
"We're trying to make it easier for those people to come in for one day, take a look at the line and see our products," said Leslie Chow, founder and designer of women's apparel manufacturer, Iconic Sport. [... more » ]
"Scheyden smoothed a pitching wedge 122 yards. The ball checked up slightly, released, and found its way into the cup," said Jeff Herold about his son's shot. "My wife Vivienne and I are so proud of him." [... more » ]
"The team not only includes players with experience at the highest level but has a number of exciting younger players who we believe will excel on the occasion," said Tony Disley, Chairman of The R&A Selection Committee. [... more » ]
"The opening remarks by Editor-in-Chief Al Barkow, whereby he introduces the theme of golf as a journey of both body and mind, may itself be worth the price of admission," said Steve Cohen, President of the Society. [... more » ]
"Hybrid clubs have become a staple in golf bags, helping all kinds of golfers hit better shots from the distances usually reserved for hard-to-hit long irons," said Ryan Noll, the magazine's Senior Editor . [... more » ]
"KemperSports shares our vision to make Newport Beach and Golf a world-class Gulf Coast destination," said Craig Millard, a partner in the development company. "We look forward to a thriving partnership." [... more » ]
"Tweaks and changes are required from time to time, and I really like all the things we have been able to add to the UT Golf Club with the additions and modifications we have made," said Roy Bechtol. [... more » ]
"We will continue to offer this outstanding golf venue to outside play," said Steve Taylor. "The creation of Woodland Valley has made this beautiful setting a great place to live and play in the future!" [... more » ]
"With all that we have to offer clients, it is imperative that our coaches know how to provide each individual with the full range of our expertise and technology," said Steve Atherton, VP of Instruction for GolfTEC Enterprises. [... more » ]
Tiger Woods essentially won his 13th major off one round - his 63 on Friday in vacation forsaken Tulsa. It's the kind of round that Ernie Els and the incredible shrinking crybaby Sergio Garcia could never throw at Tiger in a tournament that matters. [... more » ]
In the 100-degree heat of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the greatest golfer of my lifetime ceaselessly toiled to his 13th major victory. At 31, he showed no ill effects from the heat, no sign of being off his game nor of backing down. [... more » ]