Golf News for Wednesday, July 11, 2007
"We’re excited to see that so many Champions Tour players trusted Golf Pride grips to play a U.S. Open on a course as challenging as Whistling Straits," said Jeff Fiorini, general manager for Eaton’s Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"The Enviro was a fun project for us to work on. This is the present and future of creating products," said Fredrik Sundstrom, Global Golf Director. "Society wants to be environmentally conscious." [... more » ]
"This is shaping up to be a historic year for us," said Harris MacNeill, President of CHAMP. "Not only are players who wear Champ sticking with our spikes, but many players are switching to our spikes." [... more » ]
"As a company we are delighted to be partners with Imperial Headwear and to be a part of their wonderful history as a leader in the golf headwear category," said Ted Fletcher, President of the Mint Green Group, Inc. [... more » ]
"We’re committing substantial resources to bolster staff to handle the countless new accounts and re-orders we receive daily for the Heavy Putter," said Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. [... more » ]
"A broader industry footprint will allow us to create stronger, more profitable partnerships between golf courses, and local business," said Lone Star Leaderboards new managing partner J.B. Kenna. [... more » ]
"This instruction method equips our professional golf instructors with scientific data to see critical details in your swing --elements that the naked eye just can’t catch," said Ronald Memo, co-owner of the new center. [... more » ]
"We’re thrilled to be working with the New England PGA,” said Derek Carroll, president of Aline Systems, "Both of our organizations are dedicated to creating a solid foundation for the game of golf." [... more » ]
"I am extremely proud of both Zach and John’s accomplishments and excited to follow their preparations this week as they get ready for the British Open," said Ralph Dunning, company founder and principal designer. [... more » ]
"Excel Golf Products with both their Zero Friction Golf Tees and Tocare Grips is growing rapidly domestically and internationally. I’m excited to be part of such a fast moving company," said Zerby. [... more » ]
"The level of enthusiasm and involvement over the past few years projects into quite an exciting program for both Local Qualifiers and a true National Championship," said CGA’s President and CEO Mike Munson. [... more » ]
The current massive wildfires threatening homes from Fresno to Utah are not anything to be taken lightly by anyone. But what those who aren't out West don't realize is how often little fires erupt in the dry desert brush along the sides of roads and locals hardly blink twice. And certainly don't change course. [... more » ]
Today I was watching one of those cable TV business channels and all these whacked out, hyperactive balding guys were reporting that the U.S. Dollar had dropped to new lows against the Euro. Again. We're talking about $1.37 to one measley Euro. [... more » ]
"This is a tremendous honor for both Fairway & Greene and EP Pro," said Gill Broome, President of Northbridge Equity Partners, parent to both companies. "We have received this honor for five consecutive years." [... more » ]
"On behalf of the many other deserving entrepreneurs, my thanks go to Ernst & Young and the other sponsors of this award for recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship," said CEO Edmonson. [... more » ]