Golf News for Monday, June 4, 2007
"Professionals on tours around the globe continue to excel using Graphite Design shafts, a powerful testament to our products’ superior performance," said Victor Afable, a VP at Graphite Design. [... more » ]
"We have been planning the development for a while and I am pleased to confirm that the masterplan has been agreed upon and the deal signed," said FM Group Managing Director Jonathon Milne. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to increase opportunities for women to learn and play golf through the American Express Women’s Golf Week activities," said Nathan Stith, Director of Golf Operations, Doral Golf Resort & Spa. [... more » ]
"When the idea of Play Golf America/Free Ten-Minute Lessons came up, our PGA Professionals were ready to fill the need," said Carolinas Professional Golf Association Executive Director Ron Schmid. [... more » ]
"Play Golf America Day was an excellent venue to demonstrate ball mark repair techniques," stated GCSANC Member Jim Irvine. "Attendees seemed genuinely interested in learning how to successfully repair a ball mark." [... more » ]
"We can now provide a level of customer service that none of our competitors can match. Having it nearby will allow us to ship orders on the same day we receive them," said Joseph “Jos” Erwin, President Great Divider. [... more » ]
"We are excited to kick-off our first-ever membership program, providing two distinct options that offer a host of benefits to fit the needs of all golfers," said Andy Mitchell, Director of Golf, Grande Pines Golf Club. [... more » ]
"We will not offer direct to consumer ordering, but by showcasing our entire product line, we hope to help our PGA professionals do more business with Fairway & Greene," said a company spokesperson. [... more » ]
"Large golf club manufacturers cannot cater to the individual needs of average golfers, but Magique Golf clubs are designed to help average players," said Sean Sheppard, president of Magique Golf. [... more » ]
The tournament organizer: Cracow Valley Golf & Country Club is the first 18-hole Master Class golf course in Southern Poland which was designed by renowned golf course designer Ronald Fream. [... more » ]
"The Jack Nicklaus design of the Punta Espada Golf Club and resources and amenities of the Cap Cana Resort will immediately establish The Cap Cana as a premier event," said Champions Tour President Rick George. [... more » ]
"We are very excited about having a magazine like this," said Megan Mahoney, Director of the Callaway Junior World Tournament, the largest international junior golf championships in the world. [... more » ]
Just days after my column on regular golfers being put off by the PGA Tour's slow-footed resistance to drug testing went up, World Anti-Doping Chairman Dick Pound went off on Finchem's delaying in a Sports Illustrated column. Pound argues that the golf is in danger of being perceived like all the other sports that have been tainted by steroids. [... more » ]
Nike bets on teenaged athletes much like we might wager on greyhounds at the dog track. It can be pretty speculative, especially when talent scouts are snooping around inner-city middle-schoolers. But the dividends pay off mightily when you put your chips into prospects like Tiger Woods and now Lebron James. [... more » ]
"As professionals, administrators and players of the game, they have made impressive contributions in so many areas at the local and national level," said PGA of America CEO Joe Steranka. [... more » ]
"This year we are looking to expand our organizational presence in California and the Robins, Kaplan Tournament is a very important part of that effort," said Hugh Dukes, Executive Director for USA Cares. [... more » ]