Golf News for Tuesday, June 19, 2007
"We are delighted that ESPN has elected to establish this summer rotation on ESPN Classic," said Art Sellinger, CEO of Long Drivers of America, which stages the annual RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. [... more » ]
"We’re proud to introduce the new Nakashima NX1 460 driver," said John Nakashima, president and founder of Nakashima Golf. "The NX1 460 ushers in a new generation of premium-quality clubhead designs." [... more » ]
The grip's virtually taper-free design promotes even pressure in both the right and left hands. And by keeping the hands "quiet," the SuperStroke eliminates most wrist action in the putting stroke. [... more » ]
"The entire team at Great Divider is extremely happy with the success the Eclipse EBS has had in the market," said Joseph "Jos" Erwin, President Great Divider. "Sell in, sell through, consumer feedback, you name it." [... more » ]
"We market our line of products throughout the US through licensed distributors such as Hornung’s Golf Products, Charter Golf and J & M Golf Products," said Russ Goforth, Director of Operations for RGO Enterprises. [... more » ]
"There was a strong demand from our organization's members to add golf to the variety of recreational activities offered through our programs," said Bob Pirner, development officer of SteppingStones. [... more » ]
"I feel everything’s come together at the Beeches—it’s a great site in a growing area and all the design and construction elements have come together beautifully," said course architect Bruce Matthews III. [... more » ]
"He’s a gifted athlete, a terrific individual, and we are confident he will be incredibly successful on the Professional Tours," said Kel Devlin, Global Sports Marketing Director for Nike Golf, about the recent signing. [... more » ]
"Partnering with organizations like the EWGA that run hundreds of tournaments and charity events, allows us to quickly help more people," said Greg Madden, TournEase, Inc. president and the creator of the online application. [... more » ]
It’s gratifying that Buffalo Communications attracts top talent who expand our already extensive media network to benefit clients’ brand recognition and sales," said Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. [... more » ]
"I am extremely excited about the opportunity to represent the USA and ING in the International Pairs World Finals," said Mr. Collins, "this is a once in a lifetime experience and our main goal is to win!" [... more » ]
"To play better golf, golfers need lessons and better equipment. PGA pros provide lessons, e21 provides better equipment. New designs from old materials will provide invisible improvement," said Nataliya Hearn, e21's CEO. [... more » ]
Well, the name wait is over for Tiger and Elin's baby ... girl. No longer will we be threatened by the names Eldrickia, Earla and Earlina, Tigress, Cuba (the feminine of cub... just kidding...Tiger's not marxist), Kultida II, Thailandia, Elin II. [... more » ]
The U.S. Open is but a memory, but after the dusts has settled, golf bloggers have plenty to say about Angel Cabrera, Tiger Woods and the rest of the gang at Oakmont. [... more » ]
"Jackie Burke is one of the most gifted players and ambassadors of the game, a man whose sage advice continues to inspire both professionals and amateurs everywhere," said PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb. [... more » ]
"This is an incredible milestone for The First Tee and a wonderful accomplishment for each of our Scholars," said Joe Louis Barrow, Jr., executive director of The First Tee and senior vice president of the World Golf Foundation. [... more » ]