Golf News for Monday, June 18, 2007
"We look forward to providing the same extraordinary inventory of products, expert assistance and state-of-the-art technology," said Bill Hamlin, chief executive officer of Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. [... more » ]
"AboutGolf is a small company and we don’t want to give anyone the impression we arrogantly think we know more than anyone else," said AboutGolf CEO Bill Bales. "In fact, quite the contrary is true." [... more » ]
"The visual aspects of the golf course and the use of this unique piece of property will be regarded as a remarkable golf course now and in the future," said Bob Mauragas, vp of golf operations at Reynolds Plantation. [... more » ]
"The fact that so many professional players entrust their game to Golf Pride, shows their belief in the Golf Pride brand and reinforces its leadership," said Jeff Fiorini, general manager for Eaton’s Golf Grip Division. [... more » ]
"Brittany is a wonderful representative for our brand. She is a talented golfer and a great ambassador for the tour and women’s golf. Her warm friendly personality," said Dan Ladd, President of Etonic Golf. [... more » ]
"We're delighted to welcome Ye Yang to the TaylorMade-adidas Tour staff," said Chuck Presto, senior vice president of global sports marketing. "Ye Yang is a terrific player and a proven winner." [... more » ]
" is a wonderful site. You do all you can to keep it secure. This can be a tremendous issue for women and I applaud you," said Diane Gunther, the bride who had met her match one year before. [... more » ]
"Golf is in Rich’s blood as his wife and father are both PGA professionals. His love of the game and insight will be valuable additions," said Director of Golf Tom Altmann, about the resort's new Teaching Professional. [... more » ]
Daniel R. Baker has been a part of the game of golf since he was age 10, when he began caddying. He managed outside operations at the age of 16 and by 18 was named golf shop manager at Rock Ridge Country Club. [... more » ]
"Celebrating the Fourth of July at Sea Trail has become a tradition for some of our guests, so we put together a package that makes it easy," said Dana Connelly, president of Sea Trail Golf Resort & Convention Center. [... more » ]
The Professional Club Fitting School builds upon the accomplishments of the Advanced Fitting School, by adding more hands-on opportunities, as well as more time in utilizing and testing the fitting tools available. [... more » ]
"So often we get into a jam where we have no one to help us move our luggage," said Jeff Herold, Club Glove owner. "We’ve changed that by creating a system that allows even petite travelers to move heavy gear." [... more » ]
Because Tiger Woods is so dominant, we tend to look for chinks in his armor. Despite what his swooning fans say, there is a big one. The guy absolutely cannot come from behind. He's 0-for-everything when he starts Sunday behind in a major. [... more » ]
Tiger Woods didn't come from behind to win the U.S. Open at Oakmont. And you know what this means towards his legacy? You know what it proves about Tiger as a closer? Absolutely nothing. [... more » ]
"Mississippi is delighted to have many of our casino courses recognized for their excellence by Golf Digest Magazine," said Mississippi Development Authority Tourism Division Director D. Craig Ray. [... more » ]