Golf News for Friday, March 9, 2007
In order to create a trial and awareness program for it's recently introduced Emc2 product line, e21 will seed 500 Trial Equipment Sets consisting of 3 - PW Emc2 Irons, 20 and 23 Degree Emc2 Hybrids, and an e21 Stand Bag. [... more » ]
"We expect not only to increase rounds at Ironwood, but to drastically increase dollars per round and tournament business," said Peter Winter, the Marketing Specialist assigned to the Ironwood account. [... more » ]
"On the Course Tour," offers superintendents the chance to see and use cutting-edge products while touring the FarmLinks course. The tour also provides corporate sponsors with a unique opportunity to showcase innovations. [... more » ]
"Kevin will be a great asset to our sales team. Not only does he have an extensive background in golf, but he has a real understanding of our local market," said Jeff Rudder, Director of Sales for Hershey Resorts. [... more » ]
"I'm really looking forward to the events following on to my involvement as a referee and as championship chairman," said Palmer. "My great joy will be to watch great golf from all ages, from the under 14s to the over 55s." [... more » ]
"We are very happy to run this event at Lakelands and as our fields show each week the pros and members and visiting amateurs also enjoy the concept," said Trent Scaysbrook, General Manager of Lakelands Golf Club. [... more » ]
Two versions of the 4DX Driver are available, the Draw Spec and the Tour Spec. The loft, lie and weight have all been configured to fit the two basic types of swings that represent the vast majority of golfers. [... more » ]
"For us to once again maintain and grow overall wood usage on professional tours is testament to our superior shaft designs in all categories," said Pat McCoy, Fujikura's Tour representative, about the Darrell Survey results. [... more » ]
"Old Marsh could be finished and entirely playable in 15 months," said Harris Golf President Jeff Harris. "We used our expertise to get the permitting done, but we’ve yet to do a golf course community of this size, soup to nuts." [... more » ]
"The PGA of America has been a longtime supporter of The First Tee, and we are excited that Palm Beach County's schools will join in an ongoing program," said PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Joe Steranka. [... more » ]
When Poly Max Sling Shots hit the market in 2006, it introduced a frenzy of controversy plus confusion as to its validity as a legal product. Our product is clear and hard to detect once its on your driver face. [... more » ]
"We’re adding a wee touch of Scottish tradition to opening day this year," said Resort Course golf professional Andy Mackimmie, himself a Scot. Select distilleries from Scotland will be set up at the par 3s to offer tastes. [... more » ]
Told you to bring the Golfing Who's Not Who. As countless reports remind us, leader Cliff Kresge's main claim to fame is falling in the water while making a putt at Q-School. [... more » ]
By now, you've probably heard a ton about "atypical" elevation on Florida golf courses. Those Florida courses lucky enough to have a little high ground underneath them do stand out. [... more » ]
"Investing a small amount of time to explore these opportunities and submit an application could result in significant recognition not only for personal efforts, but for the game of golf," said Mark Johnson, GCSAA senior manager. [... more » ]
"If sending these clubs provides them an opportunity to escape for just an hour or so from the harsh reality of what they have to deal with every day…then its well worth it," said Jody Baucom, President of AccuFLEX Golf. [... more » ]