Golf News for Monday, March 26, 2007
There are a ton of great California golf resorts, but which one is the best? Chris Baldwin says La Quinta, not Pebble Beach. Gear manufacturers are cashing in on the women's boom. And: Tim McDonald says to heck with the USGA and R&A - give us robo clubs! [... more » ]
"Our Tour Stretch outerwear is truly unique in golf," said Dunning, the company founder and principal designer. "It’s a pure performance system with c_change, a single-layer, water- and wind-proof membrane technology." [... more » ]
"We congratulate both of the international Touring Professionals for last week’s performance. It appears they both will be topping the leader board often," said Mike Herron, Business Development Manager at Excel Golf Products. [... more » ]
"My partners and I all have backgrounds as golf professionals and we feel that the Vector Pro Launch System is an invaluable tool for golf professionals,” said Gary Krueger, President of PG Professional Golf. [... more » ]
"The Eclipse 122 F delivers the best quality-of-cut and gives operators a level of control over performance that has never before been offered on the golf course," said Quinn Derby, Jacobsen product manager. [... more » ]
"We are excited to showcase the improvement to our Roswell store," said Bill Hamlin, president and CEO of PGA TOUR Superstore. The public was invited to the grand re-opening event to see the new addition. [... more » ]
"I hadn't heard of International Pairs at all before last year, but when I found out about it, I liked the idea. I am a golf addict and I believe I can bring that sort of passion to the International Pairs," said Lemp. [... more » ]
"It is important to remember that America’s Everglades begin in Orlando with the headwaters of Kissimmee River and the Chain of Lakes," said Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Sole. [... more » ]
"He is an important part of the American cultural landscape today," said Orin Starn, cultural anthropologist and a conference organizer. "He’s a figure who says a lot about America -- about celebrity, the role of mass media, issues of race." [... more » ]
"If you can’t get to the course to see your teaching pro, Dancin’ Dogg offers video instruction from over 26 of the top instructors in the world," said Russell Edens, Dancin’ Dogg Golf’s president and co-founder. [... more » ]
"State-of-the-art technology offered by the best golf professionals in the business is the foundation for our approach to golf instruction," said Victor Ornelas, franchise owner for GolfTEC Sunset West in Rocklin. [... more » ]
ACTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER FRED GRIFFITH Actor/writer/producer Fred Griffith is excited about returning to his home state to support a great cause. He is looking forward to seeing some old friends and family along with helping raise money for these charities. [... more » ]
David will be responsible for developing strategic and operational direction for the business and for further establishing and directing the marketing activities for several product brands as the new global marketing manager. [... more » ]
Those who want to deride Tiger Woods for playing smart golf are looking to the wrong sport. Forget for a moment how ludicrous it is for people to be questioning Tiger like he's some punk newcomer to golf who needs to prove something. They missed a truly wimpy whiny sports performance for the ages: North Carolina coach Roy Williams at the press conference mic after his Tar Heels gagged away a Final Four berth. [... more » ]
The Cheap Bastard has his TV locked on Fox News, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Anna Nicole Smith autopsy. That's because at Fox News, they are Fair and Balanced, they give you all the Anna Nicole Smith news and you decide if you're sick of it or not. [... more » ]