Golf News for Thursday, March 22, 2007
Pinehurst Resort will celebrate the Centennial of its most famed golf course with a year-long fete touting the masters that have played here, and the stories that mark significant milestones in the game of golf. [... more » ]
"We knew we had something big when we entered our first golf show in the Greater Rochester Area and sold out our entire inventory the first day," said Flip Phillips, who invented the GolfFins Pro portable 'fan' training device. [... more » ]
An AccuFLEX Creation 65 shaft in his driver and two Creation 80 shafts in his fairway woods, powered the T-9th Place Finisher to his third Top 10 of the year earning a paycheck for $148,500.00. [... more » ]
"As a part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, the V5 will be the first Alpha driver to feature optimization selections for both center of gravity placement and length balancing," said Dr. Jim Yeh, President and Founder of Alpha Golf. "We wanted to give players the best of both worlds." [... more » ]
"Even with success that the SMT brand has had over just the past few years, we see the need to set up more outlets for our customers to see and test our equipment," said Mike Tait, President of SMT Golf, Inc. [... more » ]
New f2 Plus Series Irons from f2 Golf were awarded a "Players' Choice" Award for receiving the Highest Reader's Rating in the "Consistency" Category in a test administered nationally by Golfing Magazine. [... more » ]
"Smart Business is excited to be a part of the CEO Golf Challenge," said Fred Koury, President and CEO of Smart Business Network. "We encourage our readers to sharpen their games and get in on the action." [... more » ]
"We are pleased to partner with SureShot GPS for the D.C. Metro Tour," said Tim Newman, tournament director for the Washington, D.C. tournament series of the GOLF CHANNEL Amateur Tour. [... more » ]
"The text is especially crisp and ads really jump off the page. Advertisers and readers alike will be thrilled about the physical enhancements to this year's directory," said David Wogahn, publisher of Golf Yellow Pages. [... more » ]
"We are pleased to offer this service to the LPGA," said GCSAA Chief Executive Officer Steve Mona, a member of the LPGA Commissioner’s Advisory Council. "A need was identified and we have the means to fulfill it." [... more » ]
"Our residents and guests are much happier since we introduced the system because it has dramatically reduced playing time from over five hours to four and a half hours and less," said General Manager Cathy Jo Johnson. [... more » ]
"Mike is such a tremendous addition to our professional staff. He not only brings his long drive abilities but his enthusiasm is infectious," said Mike Herron, Business Development Manager at Excel Golf Products, Inc. [... more » ]
To see Tiger Woods strolling around Doral happily chatting and joking with his buddy Roger Federer, you wouldn't think he had a care in the world. It certainly isn't the demeanour of a man tearing his insides out over last week's abysmal performance at Bay Hill. Which is why the white flag of surrender already flutters atop my computer terminal. At the Doral, you take Tiger Woods on at your peril. [... more » ]
My fellow magicians will likely be upset that I'm unveiling one of the secrets of the trade, but, hey, I'm a rebel so here goes: Being a sportswriter is as cushy a job as you can find. Not only do you get to watch sporting events for a living, you generally get to watch them from great seats. You have your own parking area. And you really don't have to be all that good of a writer. [... more » ]
"Lamkin is a valued partner in the fight against prostate cancer," says Jonathan W. Simons, MD, chief executive officer and president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. "Lamkin's donation will go a long way toward helping researchers." [... more » ]
Fred is excited about returning to his home state to support the Hootie and the Blowfish celebrity charity golf event, “Monday After Masters”. Fred’s films as an actor include Gods and Generals, The Last Confederate and Miracle at Sage Creek. [... more » ]