Golf News for Monday, March 19, 2007
Tim McDonald recently spent time golfing in Charleston, S.C., and says the area has some outstanding courses. Dr. Jerry Teplitz on his new Par and Beyond golf instruction program. And: Stacy and Barry Solomon ask: What's up with dressing down on the golf course, folks!? [... more » ]
"Nike Golf is a company that cares about fair golf competition, and that our customers have complete confidence that the club in their bag conforms to the Rules of the game," said Nike Golf President Bob Wood. [... more » ]
"We’re officially batting a thousand, and I think it is time to go buy a lottery ticket. This is huge for sports fans in South Florida," said Eddie Carbone, the executive director of the CA Championship. [... more » ]
"The World Series of Golf is a completely new way to experience the game of golf. It demands skill on the links, betting savvy and nerves of steel," said Terry Leiweke, president of the World Series of Golf. [... more » ]
"Another weekend, another win," said Harris MacNeill, President of CHAMP. "The high percentage of players who choose to change their spikes in favor of our spikes is extremely strong." [... more » ]
"State-of-the-art technology is the foundation for our approach to golf instruction," said Andrew Braley, Franchise Owner for GolfTEC Memphis. "Golfers love the GolfTEC system because it's so easy to visualize and understand." [... more » ]
"At this point in time, we are finding that a big part of our current business involves lodging or a lodging component as part of a resort or community," said Lee Lockhart, president, Trophy Golf & Resorts. [... more » ]
"We always limit our bid list to certified Golf Courser Builders Association of America builders,” said Jeff Brauer. “Landscapes Unlimited has built over a dozen of our projects, all with great success." [... more » ]
Of the nine new projects, eight are Chapter Cooperative Research Program projects and one is a Michael Hurdzan Endowment Fund/Chapter Cooperative project. All the funded projects focus on applied research. [... more » ]
"John has a proven track record for providing quality golf experiences, and I believe he's the perfect person to manage our golf operations and to meet the needs of our guests," said Erle Fairly, president of FarmLinks. [... more » ]
"Tamara possesses a truly strategic skill set that will not only help us from a national perspective, but also on a regional and local platform as well", said Chris Wightman, President of ProLink Media. [... more » ]
"X-Treme Golf Episode #2 was physically, emotionally and mentally tough, especially on Kim who was separated from the group when she became ill," said Alan Aylward, Executive Producer of X-Treme Golf. [... more » ]
Magnolia Golf Trail courses are found in two convenient clusters making it easy for golfers to play many courses with short drives in between. One cluster is in southern Mississippi, the other in the north. [... more » ]
Anyone in the golf industry is invited to join ING and attend this important conference, unique to the golf business. The topics breakfast will be Monday morning, June 4 in the conference center at Turning Stone. [... more » ]
I wanted to send a quick note out to Golf Blogger Survivor II contestants and fans. Due to some e-mail glitches, I'll be giving a few of you one more day to get the "secret Word" into a blog post, because I want to give everyone a fair shake. And you all know I'm a fair shaker! [... more » ]
Let’s look at some interesting betting games that will add creativity and fun to your round. . .and make that non-competitive person you play with competitive without him or her even knowing it! Here are just a few games that you can play with your golf partners. All of these games can be played with a handicap. [... more » ]