Golf News for Friday, March 16, 2007
"Mississippi has rapidly become recognized as home to one of the nation's finest collection of public-access golf courses," said D. Craig Ray, the Mississippi Development Authority Division of Tourism Director. [... more » ]
"Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort offers a wide range of playing options to meet the needs of anyone looking to enjoy a round of championship golf," said Rocky Gap General Manager Steele Edwards. [... more » ]
"We anticipate our sales to continue to be very strong in this category for 2007," said Dave Richardson of YES! Golf. "The Tracy, the winner of two U.S. Opens, and the Victoria II are two of our best selling putters." [... more » ]
The Sleephaven Longdrive International event, held at Southlake Golf Club, Adelaide Australia held its inaugural event late February, and in qualifying rounds, Brendan Moylan hit the longest ball of the entire event. [... more » ]
"This simple device will prevent clubs being lost or mislaid and will do away with the need to go searching for a club left on a previous hole," said Steve Harper, managing director of Pinnacle Stream. [... more » ]
"Play Dry 2-Below and Play Dry ML 50 represent Greg Norman Collection’s most advanced developments in technical yarns," said Suzy Biszantz, CEO and President of Greg Norman Collection. [... more » ]
"Our growth for the year was driven primarily by our Idea hybrid iron sets which, according to Golf Datatech, LLC, have been the top-selling brand of irons," said Mr. Chip Brewer, CEO and president of Adams Golf. [... more » ]
"Tom Elwell was our first choice to be the next CEO of Etonic," said Andrea Tomat, CEO of Lotto and Chairman of Etonic. "He is a proven brand builder with expertise in sales, product development, and marketing." [... more » ]
Prague's GOLF SHOW 2007 now caters for the growing demand for Golf tourism in the Czech Republic with a dedicated section. The new section at the show aims to promote golf resorts, accommodation facilities and spas that work closely together. [... more » ]
"It is a great opportunity to once again represent Crystal Mountain Resort and assist them in promoting their future expansions, as well as their existing amenities,", said Dave Richards, CEO of Resort & Golf Marketing. [... more » ]
The website is anchored by a daily trivia contest and prize giveaway. iGolf provided a GPS Caddie and one year membership to generating the highest amount of trivia contest entries on the website to date. [... more » ]
"Where Golf is Great" celebrates the rich tradition of golf in Scotland and Ireland. A noted golf writer, Finegan describes more than 150 courses through Scotland and Ireland, detailing their rich history and charm. [... more » ]
"We have watched Golf Scene Ltd grow and the Board felt GSL and their great content would complement the PCA material to help the kids and the game," said Dennis Cone, Founder and CEO of the PCA. [... more » ]
The Ides of March refers to the middle of the month, a time when Julius Caesar got whacked on March 15, some 2,051 years ago. The only thing getting whacked today will be golf balls at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. At the tournament's kick off yesterday, Tiger, Phill and Arnie spoke to the press. [... more » ]
There are few moral dilemmas in golf writing. Tell the truth about the golf courses you play - especially their condition - and the destinations you visit. It's pretty simple. And the fact that is considered unique because it has a staff that does this is more damning on the general state of travel writing than deserving of a slap on the back. [... more » ]