Golf News for Tuesday, March 13, 2007
"I am looking forward to my association with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday and plan to bring as much energy and fun as possible to everything we do together," said ESPN commentator Charlie Rymer. "I have the opportunity to represent the world’s most popular golf destination." [... more » ]
"We are thrilled and humbled to be involved in the development of real estate so beautiful and so precious as Apes Hill in Barbados," said Gerald G. Barton, Landmark’s chairman. "We are especially proud to be partnering with Wentworth, one of the finest and most prestigious clubs in Europe." [... more » ]
"The First Tee exemplifies the lessons of life through golf and we are ecstatic to partner with an organization that makes a difference for so many," said Michael Hutchins, PG Professional Golf sales manager. [... more » ]
"With a dozen high profile collegiate golf facilities completed in the last two years, we have developed an impressive resume and reputation in this arena," said Ray Sever, Director or Sales for Players Turf Systems. [... more » ]
A business golf round is not the same as a weekend round with your buddies, Suzanne Woo of BizGolf Dynamics tells podcast host Dave Berner. Meanwhile, Tim McDonald says Tallahassee and Gainesville, while off the beaten path, offer fine Florida golf too. [... more » ]
"Titleist golf clubs are designed for the serious golfer, and with the new 907D1 and 907D2 we are taking the #1 460cc driver brand on the PGA Tour to the next level via high and enhanced MOI," said Steve Pelisek of Titleist. [... more » ]
"Year after year, the accuracy- and distance-enhancing qualities of our YS-6 model are validated by PGA TOUR players," said Victor Afable, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Graphite Design. [... more » ]
"The new UI-Series hybrid utility clubs are incredibly unique and introduce an entirely new level of technology to hybrid club design," said Mike Matheny, of Eastern Golf Company, exclusive US distributor of Akira clubs. [... more » ]
"Last year I switched ball brands to TaylorMade because they created the TaylorMade TP, which is better than any ball I've ever played. adidas Golf apparel fits and feels better than anything I've ever worn," said Garcia. [... more » ]
"Having John, Zach, Brian and our other staff players continue to perform at such a high level speaks volumes about their skill and the quality of our product," said Dunning, company founder and principal designer. [... more » ]
"The forecaddie allows the guest a care free and truly enjoyable round of golf, not to mention one that takes less time," said Dan Costello, vice president of sales and marketing for CaddieMaster, which is providing support. [... more » ]
"One of the key features that set the After-Golf sandals apart from other flip-flop style shoes is their adjustable strap system," said Dale Bathum, Bite founder and owner, about their footwear product. [... more » ]
Women's golf bags are experiencing a boost in popularity. Now to accessorize golf fashion's increasingly sophisticated look, OGIO has introduced a new series of affordable, technical bags that put style on par with performance. [... more » ]
"Not only is this a terrific resource for golfers and sales representatives in the golf industry, it also provides a great way for advertisers to reach golfers in an interactive and timely manner," said Keith Kreft, CEO, Never-Search. [... more » ]
After hacking another shot on the fourth hole, Shannon started pacing across the course cringing her shoulders and pulling at her golf hat stating, ”…this is physically painful now” as the Hooters girls blew whistles in the background. [... more » ]
Over the last few weeks, we've noticed that certain Google searches keep popping up, mainly based around this rumor: That Mickelson's charity to Dobler was a hoax or an urban legend. It is not a hoax. It is not make believe. It is not an urban legend. Lefty lent a hand. [... more » ]
Why do Tour pros postpone any serious "work" on their swings until after the round? An obvious answer is that they don't want to screw themselves up before teeing off. A less obvious answer is that the effects of practice are enhanced by subsequent sleep. [... more » ]
SeaDwarf Seashore Paspalum turfgrass provides an environmentally friendly yet highly playable golf surface. The grass can be used from tee-to-green and in the roughs, creating a golf course that has only one grass to manage. [... more » ]