Golf News for Monday, February 26, 2007
"Our stores are the only in the area that offer expert assistance coupled with access to state-of-the-art technology and an extraordinary inventory of products," said Bill Hamlin, of Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. [... more » ]
"Other foul weather gloves are just that - for foul weather only," said Bob Cheetham, McSport Group Ltd. Chairman. "With MacWet gloves you don’t have to sacrifice feel for tackiness. They are made for all rounds of golf." [... more » ]
"I am excited to announce that Excel Golf Products with their Zero Friction Golf Tees have been appointed as the ‘Official’ golf tee of the website," said Canadian golf journalist Jeffrey Reed. [... more » ]
"The new Tocare T2 literally reduces the amount of pulsation that occurs at impact. The media instantly understood its benefits and retailers placed orders," said Mike Herron, Business Development Manager. [... more » ]
There are “wagglers”; there are the “guessers”; there are the “which one feels best?” and then there are bonafide Professional Fitters. Where do you find someone who really is going to do it right? The Top 100 is a good place to look. [... more » ]
"Beverly Fergusson's vast knowledge of the game and her expertise as an instructor will be of great value to our readers," Editor and Chief Operating Officer Mark Nessmith said. "What's more, her warm and infectious personality will come out in her writing. This is going to be a fun blog to read." [... more » ]
"We were honored that Paula was wearing the new Strive sunglass when she played the first tournament of the season" said John Whitney, Sundog Eyewear Vice President of Product Development [... more » ]
"Platinum TE has proven to be a genetically unique cultivar," said Turf Ecosystems Vice President Ron R. Duncan, PhD. "Platinum TE's coloring and other characteristics make it an extremely attractive turfgrass." [... more » ]
Women have a tendency to listen to every amateur golfer who feels the need to help them. So instructing women also involves helping them know how and what to say to "friendly advice" so they can get the point across that they want to stay with what they are learning in lessons. [... more » ]
'I lost the plot,' was Ogilvy's explanation afterwards. His swing apparently had gradually been going to pieces through the week. But that does not explain his dire putting Sunday, nor some of the curious decisions on approach shots. No two ways about it, the Aussie bottled it. [... more » ]
"AAA is a highly respected organization, and we are pleased to have another one of our restaurants earning this award," said Bob McMahon, Founder and CEO of Metro Restaurants, the parent company of The Grill on the Green. [... more » ]