Golf News for Thursday, October 18, 2007
Carrying a prize fund of €600,000, the new Foxconn CZ Open will represent the Seniors Tour’s first visit to the Czech Republic and will be the third richest event on the 2008 Seniors Tour Schedule. [... more » ]
"I am really looking forward to getting out there and playing this week," said San Filippo, a PGA Life Member whose two titles have come in just four career appearances. "I have a great tee time and pairing." [... more » ]
"Our designers unified a square shape profile with adjustable weight ports that delivers greater ball speed, deeper drives and the ultimate in shot trajectory customization," said VP of Marketing Rob Altomonte. [... more » ]
One of the finishers that tied for tenth used the 54 degree Scratch wedge he has used for well over a year en route his fourth top ten of 2007. Scratch wedges were also used by players in a tie for 15th place. [... more » ]
"We’re confident this venture will be successful. Scott Kim President of Crospete Sports has vested time, money, and staff to ensure it," said Bruce Sizemore Jr., master craftsman and Chief Designer. [... more » ]
"We've taken the first step in developing a national network of independent distributors to sell and service the Golf Xpress," said Mitch Oliver, owner of the Standish, Michigan based Golf Xpress. [... more » ]
"We're really excited about this year's event which will be bigger and better than before thanks to the increased partnership with the Arizona Golf Association and the main stage line up," said Armand Cimaroli, director of events. [... more » ]
PGA Professional John Klein and others from the Southern California PGA Section will accompany each foursome as they participate in the scramble. A golf clinic will also be held for the Paralympic athletes. [... more » ]
"The goal when chipping and lag putting is to get the ball into the ring," said Jason Clark, who deeloped the game. "It’s a lot less intimidating, and really develops a good feel for the speed on each shot." [... more » ]
"We appreciate those, near or far, who come to the course and give us their business. Randy is a perfect example, really. He loves Circling Raven," said Circling Raven interim Director of Golf Steve Caruso. [... more » ]
"She's a miracle child who combines a great golf game with a million-watt personality. Her story has inspired countless people across the United States and beyond," said Art Sellinger, LDA chief executive officer. [... more » ]
"With the quality of the content and the depth of the articles in Golf Fitness Magazine, the surveys for our Web site are showing that golfers are reading our magazine cover to cover," said Steve Gomen GFM founder and publisher. [... more » ]
Tiger's grilling brats with Roger Federer on his yacht somewhere between Gatorade endorsement mega-deals. Ernie Els is giving pre-game rugby pep talks apparently. Yep, it's about that time for golf's "silly season." [... more » ]
It might not have quite the same ring with Scottsdale instead of Chicago, but that needn't stop Lefty sailing round Grayhawk golf club this week humming 'My Kind of Town'. Trouble is, it could turn into a noisy chorus. Half the golfing world seems to have some association with this desert community and a few actually live here, as Mickelson once did. [... more » ]
"Our main goal with the “Pink on the Links” program is to increase breast cancer awareness," said Harris MacNeill, President of Champ. "For 2008 we will set out to make this a global event with players." [... more » ]