Golf News for Tuesday, January 9, 2007
This week on Golf for Beginners, Barry borrows a quote from the great Sam Snead to describe why Stacy's first-ever possible even-par round (over five holes) turned into a mediocre event. Snead said that the golf game is 70 percent mental and some golfers think it's even more. Here, the Golf for Beginners podcast takes a look at the mental side of the game. [... more » ]
MacNeill Engineering/Champ Spikes, under the direction of MacNeill, is responsible for several key innovations in the golf spike industry. MacNeill expanded his company into a global enterprise. [... more » ]
With more than 200 top names in golf apparel and sportswear, daily fashion shows, the new Fashion Collection Review, plus apparel and retailing workshops, there is a heavy fashion influence at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show. [... more » ]
"Sponsors allow us to offer more attractions, provide quality headliners, and to increase our donations to local charity," said Carolyn Alt, show manager, about sponsors Lake Express, Srixon, Boyne USA, and the Golf Association of Michigan. [... more » ]
"This expansion will benefit more traveling golfers than ever before and we will continue to provide a seamless golf vacation experience they have all come to expect," said founder and CEO Mike Charlton. [... more » ]
"With US Airways Magazine reaching over five million travelers, the article is sure to be the most exciting coverage we received this year," said Steve Conwell, V.P. for Golf & Tennis Pro Shop Inc., owner of Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore. [... more » ]
"I’m delighted to announce that the 10th anniversary of the Qatar Masters will offer record prize money of US$2.2 million as well as the strongest line-up in the history of the tournament," said Commercialbank of Qatar CEO Andrew Stevens. [... more » ]
"We hope that Tiger Woods will soon be wearing our shoe (at least when practicing), since a third knee operation could mean the end of his career," said Frank Drollinger, inventor of the golf shoe. [... more » ]
As for the Commie penetration of the media, I don't think they have penetrated the Golf Channel. I really liked Nick Faldo, altho I thought at times he got a bit too cute. Kelly Tilghman held her own. Dottie Pepper is my on-course hero, and I know she is not a Communist. [... more » ]
An unimpressed Vijay Singh appeared nonchalant after passing Snead's record of wins accrued after hitting the big 4-0. "To pass (Snead's) record after 40 really doesn't mean much," Singh said, appearing more interested in tooting his own horn than in paying homage to a living legend. [... more » ]