Golf News for Friday, January 26, 2007
"Each day's activities at the 2007 show are built around a specific theme to help industry professionals earn more, learn more and grow the game," says Ed Several, PGA Golf Exhibitions vice president and show manager. [... more » ]
"The Play Golf America Conference is an invaluable learning and sharing experience for our Association," said PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb. "The conference has become a tremendous networking opportunity." [... more » ]
"Our products are designed properly with an eye to engineering and physics, which is what makes any club perform," said Clay Long, chief designer for Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment. [... more » ]
"Maruman's reputation for top-of-the-line design, craftsmanship and on-the-course performance is once again represented with this new Santa Monica series," said Jimmy Chao, CEO of Maruman Global. [... more » ]
"Golf GPS is in the early growth stages, and there is a tremendous opportunity for GolfLogix GPS to capture the leadership position in this market," said Mike Hedge, head of ForeFront, the product's exclusive distributor . [... more » ]
"Whether you are a seasoned PGA Professional or new to the game, The PGA's Jobs in Golf Month campaign is a terrific opportunity to connect employers and jobseekers throughout the industry," said Brian Whitcomb, PGA of America president. [... more » ]
"We believe that giving golfers 24 issues of Golf World magazine will be a tremendous incentive to buy a fresh set of cleats which will vastly improve their traction and comfort," said Joe Zeller, president, PrideSports. [... more » ]
"This is a generous donation of time and leadership," said Greg Norman, who heads the advisory council. "Bill's passion in leading the board of trustees will give this advisory council a unique opportunity to assist the Institute even further." [... more » ]
Golf Life will gain national distribution and increase the number of airings through Fox Sports Network. Series producer Action Television will shoot short "evergreen" highlights from the 2007 PGA Show to run on the series. [... more » ]
Sex sells, even in golf, with its conservative, button-down image. Especially in golf, with its conservative, button-down image. And the PGA Merchandise Show more than proves that. [... more » ]
If you’re looking for a golf computer experience that’s a little more real than Tiger Woods 07, the PGA Merchandise Show is full of NASA-level simulators. [... more » ]
"Steve Carson’s contributions have been extremely significant in aligning PGA Professionals with our athletes -- teaching them skills for golf and for life," said Adrian DeWent, CEO of Special Olympics Oklahoma. [... more » ]