Golf News for Thursday, January 25, 2007
"Initially, we focused on green grass pro shops, and although that still remains part of our plan, our distribution network will now reach more consumers at the primary point of sale," said Alan Donahue, company president. [... more » ]
"The CBUK customer likes to challenge traditional golf apparel, but still requires all the benefits of technical golf apparel and quality sportswear," said Julie Snow, VP of design and merchandising for Cutter & Buck. [... more » ]
Building on its existing color palette and proprietary original prints, Iconic announces the addition to its apparel line of an inspired new assortment of Berry, Smoke and Cobalt to its carryover color arsenal of Black, White, Fog, and Bubblegum. [... more » ]
"Younger golfers have their own sense of style and I wanted them to be able to show it on the course," said company founder Keri Murschell. "The junior bags are designed to bring a girl’s sense of fashion and personality to the game." [... more » ]
Stop by the Club Glove booth, #2237, and help celebrate The Last Bag’s decade of success as the leading travel bag on all tours. While there, check out the latest celebrity at Club Glove, the Aficionado III stand bag. [... more » ]
"Exhibiting at the show will allow us to showcase TOMI to leading golf teachers and coaches, those individuals who understand that winning a tournament most often boils down to a handful of clutch putts," said Gerry Usrey, CEO of Pure Motion Sports. [... more » ]
With its roots deep in golf-simulation software, AboutGolf is focused on the development of advanced software and hardware technology for game improvement. It is showing its latest wares at the PGA Show. [... more » ]
"Graphite Design shafts rank among the most popular and productive models on the PGA Tour each year, and the performance of these players shows that 2007 will continue that tradition," said Akio Karashima, CEO of Graphite Design. [... more » ]
Director of Golf at Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Brian Dees, was named Resort Merchandiser of the Year by the Western Chapter of the Southern Texas Professional Golfers’ Association for the second year in a row. [... more » ]
"Learning how to properly strengthen and stretch your body will help your game more than any other piece of equipment," said GolfGym President Ken Pierce. "Your play and your approach to the game will definitely improve." [... more » ]
From the heady excitement of the first-ever Mayakobá Golf Classic PGA tournament in Mexico to the soothing indulgence of an authentic Maya spa, Ikal’s package is the golf enthusiast’s hole-in-one. [... more » ]
When some new drivers showed up on equipment editor Kiel Christianson's doorstep, he couldn't wait to try them out. Even if that meant in the backyard ankle deep in snow. [... more » ]
The Champions Tour is always looking for ways to get more publicity, and here Barry and Stacy Solomon give them some ideas, including inviting Michelle Wie over for a tournament or two. [... more » ]