Golf News for Wednesday, January 24, 2007
A Titleist ambassador, Hoffman trusted Titleist from tee to green at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, carrying a full bag of Titleist equipment while capturing his first career PGA Tour title in a playoff. [... more » ]
"The Bob Hope and Abu Dhabi are two more great wins for UST graphite shafts," said Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing of United Sports Technologies brands. [... more » ]
"Through our many years of golf tee research, we’ve found that, on average, golfers will go through approximately seven tees per round, which is the basis for our Rounds of Tees introduction," said Joe Zeller, president, PrideSports. [... more » ]
"Lamkin’s new Torsion Control putter grips combine performance-enhancing materials and a unique surface technology to deliver a comfortable and confident feel," said Bob Lamkin, head of Lamkin Corp. [... more » ]
For 2007 the range has been developed to be manufactured totally Seamless, a move that means for the first time fine gauge knitwear benefits from increased garment structural stability, consistency and performance. [... more » ]
"The Q-Link bracelet is a product of the overwhelming success of the Q-Link pendant," said John Allan, Q-Link USA president. "We expect the bracelet will be as popular and successful as the pendant." [... more » ]
"We decided to change our name to more accurately reflect our expanding line of products," said Gary Krueger, president, PG Professional Golf. "The recycled ball market will still be one of our main product categories, but we are also looking to broaden our business." [... more » ]
"The intensity of having totally private instruction is an experience many of our students have been asking for," said Dick Sutton, president of Ben Sutton Golf School. [... more » ]
"We’re proud to make this proactive move to a smoke-free resort,"said General Manager Steele Edwards. "The well-being and overall satisfaction of our guests is foremost in this action and we feel the health benefits will be far-reaching." [... more » ]
"Everything about the men’s area is very calming, relaxing and soothing but you don’t feel like it was meant for a woman at all," Berni Campbell, director of the Spa Coeur d’Alene. [... more » ]
With the FedEx Cup now in place, it is a thrilling time to rank golfers. Nonetheless, we must remain eternally vigilant against the many enemies that would destroy golf as we know it. [... more » ]
There's nothing quite like California's wine country. It's a place you can combine wine-tasting with great golf and resorts. Now Napa Valley's Silverado Resort is making it cheaper to enjoy. [... more » ]