Golf News for Tuesday, January 23, 2007
A group of investors today announced its purchase of the network of golf and travel-related Web sites, which includes,,,,,,, and many more. [... more » ]
"The partnership of our two brands, TGW and The Golf Channel, is a complement in reaching the most avid and affluent golfer," said Gene Pizzolato, executive VP, advertising sales & new media of The Golf Channel. [... more » ]
The Golf for Beginners duo is enjoying seeing the PGA Tour get into full swing, with Vijay Singh winning, Phil Mickelson returning and all eyes on Tiger Woods' return, who will be playing for the first time with a baby on the way. Also, Barry and Stacy discuss Annika Sorenstam's baby plans. [... more » ]
"Golfers of all skill levels can improve their performance on the greens by using this deadly precise putter which provides a continuous feedback system to monitor progress," said Jim Grundberg, managing partner for SeeMore. [... more » ]
Throughout the year, the company will release numbered, limited-edition styles for of some of its most popular bags. Ogio’s 2007 release includes: Vision SS, Flight SS, Edge, Grom, Ozone, Vaporlite, Sticks and Diva. [... more » ]
"I have always been associated with a high-end yet elegant look. This new sportswear line is indicative of the image I have tried to maintain during my years both on and off the golf course," said Nick Price. [... more » ]
Mystic Dunes is located within the beautiful Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club, situated in the heart of the world’s premier vacation destination. Champions Tour Player and NBC Lead Golf Analyst Gary Koch has created a masterpiece of blended philosophies and unrivaled challenges. [... more » ]
"We developed our new Technology Advancement Center based on specific customer feedback. Our customers wanted to access training from anywhere at anytime, and that’s what we gave them," said Mike Cronin, senior VP of sales at UpLink. [... more » ]
"Palmer has great talent, his earnings reflect that. We look forward to the exposure this young golfer will provide to the Zero Friction brand," said Mike Herron, business development manager for Excel Golf Products. [... more » ]
"Rod has already had great success playing the Proforce V2, and it’s a pleasure to ‘officially’ make him part of the UST team," said Gene Simpson, vice president of marketing for UST brands. [... more » ]
"At the golf course, women don’t want to feel they are being treated differently, they just want to be taken seriously," said Pam Swensen, EWGA CEO. "We want to recognize Troon Golf for understanding the value of providing 'female friendly' facilities." [... more » ]
The Soul Patrol goes against everything us Wie Warriors believe in. They worship a guy who's a propped up product of a well-oiled hype machine, who hasn't done anything of any significance. In other words, Hicks is everything Wie Warriors (who value results over fluff) despise. [... more » ]
When Tiger isn't in contention, Phil can be brilliant (when Tiger is there, Lefty tends to melt like overheated plastic in a microwave). The guy we really want to love is David Duval. The son of a prominent golfing family, a former #1, wearer of those cool shades, he had Tiger Woods-type dominance when he was "da man." [... more » ]