Golf News for Tuesday, January 2, 2007
"We've been saying all along that we were convinced that our speaker list for 2006 would eclipse that of our debut year," said Neil Hamp-Adams, Managing Director of event promoters and organisers, the Dubai-based Driving Force. "GolfEx Dubai 2007 will certainly take the event to a new level." [... more » ]
"Our engineers and researchers spent years developing a fairway wood that can dramatically affect launch characteristics," reports Jennifer King, President of KZG. "The GF 2 was the solution and when fitted by a Professional ClubFitter the performance is simply unbeatable." [... more » ]
"Now, with a new facility we will be able to expand our base and help more events. We are excited about this coming year and anticipate large growth through helping more events," said Golf-Holeinone LLC President and Founder Roy Feldman. [... more » ]
"Joining forces with Total Golf Adventures, which is one of the leading junior golf entities building golf through at-school, after-school programs and camps is an important relationship for SCPGA," said Nikki Gatch, Southern California PGA Foundation and Junior Golf Director. [... more » ]
"Our new VORTEX collection is different from everything else in the market,” said Rick White, CEO of Imperial. "VORTEX is stylish and athletic and provides golfers a competitive advantage with moisture management performance fabrics that keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable." [... more » ]
"Dry-Point is active wear meets technology with a fashion twist," says Lord Daniel Sportswear President Ron LoSchiavo. "We’ve groomed Dry-Point to be of the highest performance fabric at sensible pricing making quality activewear wearable for male and female golfers everywhere." [... more » ]
Hold-N-One® grabs the mouth of a golf bag through a simple spring-action motion to keep the bag firmly upright. According to its designer, 90 percent of a golf bag’s weight is above the center of gravity. [... more » ]
"We are committed to developing the latest in optical technology to enable every golfer the tools needed to enhance their game as well as protecting their eyes on and off the course," said Marcel Schiro, VP Sales, Marketing and Product Development. [... more » ]
"The best part about a really fine golf resort," said Bradley S. Klein, Golfweek’s architectural editor and ratings coordinator, "is that the golf course isn’t the only thing you want to enjoy." [... more » ]
In the Falcons' loss to the Eagles on Sunday, Andersen laughed in the face of his critics by kicking a 45-yard field goal. In most games this is a fairly insignificant feat, but Anderson turned 46 in August and one more measley yard would have allowed him to acheive the football equivalent of shooting his age on the golf course. [... more » ]