Golf News for Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Tired of traditional golf vacations? How about chartering a boat and sailing from course to course down in the islands with a rum drink in your hand? Doral Resort's Blue Monster is no ultramodern facility, but it's still Miami's best, Tim McDonald says. And I-Play CEO David Gosen talks about how golfers can get tips on the go. [... more » ]
"We are very excited about Tom joining Bentley Kinetics and bringing his vast industry experience to this exciting company," said Lou Volpe, managing general partner of Kodiak Venture Partners. [... more » ]
I came up with the name RLM, which stands for Reactive Linear Motion, a phrase often used to define torque. I wanted to somehow get back to common sense. I wanted to get shafts back to actually using the materials that we put into them," said Mike Tait, president of SMT Golf. [... more » ]
"Aerotech golf shafts, such as the SteelFiber iron shaft, provide innovative technology that can truly enhance a player's performance," said Marty Olinger , Srixon's executive vice president of sales. [... more » ]
In the February issue of Golf Magazine, the Rife Barbados putter received 4 ½ out of 5 stars for total performance and earned the Tester's Top Pick Award in the magazine's 2007 Club Test for mallet putters. [... more » ]
"Puma Golf continues to grow worldwide in so many ways," said Robert Philion, business unit manager, Puma Golf. "Hideto Tanihara is the right fit for the Puma brand – with his exciting game and colorful persona – and a great addition to our golf team." [... more » ]
"We are proud to be associated with a person who commands so much respect," said Jim Uno, CEO of Trion:Z. "I'm sure David's reputation and notoriety will enhance our marketing efforts." [... more » ]
The Pro-Pro Series will visit this Gary Koch-designed course on Wednesday, Jan. 24, with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. The Pro-Pro Series is comprised of several events during PGA Show Week [... more » ]
"It's an honor to have Sundance recognized by Golf Digest and to be associated with the great courses they have recognized in Michigan over the past few years," said Mike Brown, owner of A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort. [... more » ]
"Not only is this tee designed for a fairway wood but it is for those golfers who pick up the broken tee for their teeing irons," said Bob White, director of sales for Excel Golf Products. [... more » ]
There is, however, evidence that Adams Golf is trying to animate its, ahem, ancient image, by targeting one demographic group that actually is picking up clubs faster than it is pushing up daisies: women. [... more » ]
I suspect there's a few people hoping Justin Rose puts me to the sword at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. They probably won't believe that I hope he does well. C'mon, he's English. And I can still remember him wowing the world as an amateur long before Fujikawa put Wie to shame. [... more » ]