Golf News for Wednesday, January 10, 2007
"Colin remains one of the most elite golfers in the world," said Jesper Thuen of ECCO Golf. "Having a player of Colin’s stature continue to wear our shoes speaks volumes about the quality of ECCO." [... more » ]
The Eagles for St. Jude program calls for Stanford to make a donation, in the name of the player, for every eagle made on the Tour. R. Allen Stanford, chairman and CEO of Stanford Financial Group, said the program is another way to help the children of St. Jude. [... more » ]
"We are extremely pleased with the purchase of Coral Creek Club, and this deal marks the first of what we expect to be several selective opportunities for additional acquisitions," said Trophy Golf CEO Michael Zmetrovich. [... more » ]
LIJA has hired Dinah Abelman and Katie Rose to help service rapidly expanding demand. "Dinah and Katie are both ideally positioned to use their experience and passion for the industry to represent LIJA," said Hipp [... more » ]
"Grip it and rip it will always play a role off the tee box, but these days golfers are more interested in finding ways to improve their shot making skills. Dancin’ Dogg is the only simulator designed to focus on improving these skills," said company president Russell Edens. [... more » ]
In the category of Hot Dress is Verdina’s floral wrap dress from its spring 2007 collection. This jersey dress is bias cut to flatter figures of all sizes and shapes, and has adjustable sleeves and a built in shelf bra for functionality when playing. [... more » ]
With Shaft Skinz, golfers slide plastic film sleeves onto the steel shafts of their golf clubs, heat shrink them with a hairdryer then trim away the excess. "It’s idiot-proof," said one club professional. [... more » ]
In addition to great savings, all VIP Tour Club members will receive a free copy of Jim McLean’s DVD "The X Factor II." Members will also save big on the cost of a custom club-fitting session at participating Jim McLean schools. [... more » ]
"For most amateurs the key to getting better has less to do with quantity of practice and more to do with quality of practice," Jim Leisenring, GM of Talking Rock golf club. He offers several practice tips. [... more » ]
Vijay Singh gets a bad rap, I think, because he is not a politician. He is blunt and honest to a fault. And the world is not ready to handle that. The world apparently prefers the saccharine answers that most athletes spew out these days. His post-round interview Sunday was pure Vijay. [... more » ]
Sure everyone in Scottsdale should be grateful that Urban Meyer sent OSU fans in overalls and straw hats whimpering to the airport. But that doesn't mean he's even in Spurrier's same league as a coach. Spurrier is a true innovator. Meyer is actually more arrogant than Spurrier though. [... more » ]