Golf News for Thursday, September 28, 2006
"Back-to-back victories like this just don't happen very often on Tour," said Jody Baucom, President of AccuFLEX Golf. "We're very excited about the reaction we're getting from the Tour Players." [... more » ]
"This is my club first championship. My greatest asset is my husband Garry who is my caddy. He keeps me focused and keeps me from swinging too hard,"said Ms. Pilling after her win in Troy, New York. [... more » ]
"Our golf ball genius Rock Ishii and his team have created yet another outstanding product for Nike Golf," said Stan Grissinger of Nike Golf. The ball is seen as a remedy for golfers who need confidence. [... more » ]
"With the Volun-tourism Program we are giving guests the unique opportunity to make a connection with the local community they’re visiting," said Melinda Rhodes for Marriott International. [... more » ]
Throughout 2006, ClubmakingFORUM has featured regular 'Direct Talk' sessions with the engineers and designers from the world's most respected golf equipment and component manufacturers. [... more » ]
Pinehurst Resort manages pine forests on the golf property as habitat for red-cockaded woodpeckers by removing understory plants, using prescribed burns and optimizing mature stands. [... more » ]
Running Horse Golf and Country Club, located in Fresno California, future site of the October 2007 PGA Tour, selected the Indianapolis based web design company Imavex to launch its new website. [... more » ]
The biggest interest for me is how the latest find, Anthony Kim, performs after last week's stunning second place in his debut. He's clearly got the market on the run as he's priced at less than 100. That's hardly stunning value for what is still a speculative punt, even as a trade. [... more » ]
Grouchy Golfer is lamenting the lack of young U.S. talent after the European team shellacked them in Ireland. The Armchair Golfer wonders if Americans are sore losers. Mike at the Perform Better Golf Blog could see the writing on the wall and seems fairly disgusted by the U.S. team. [... more » ]