Golf News for Friday, September 22, 2006
"I hope the word spreads about Golf Made Simple in Japan and I can help golfers from overseas play better golf even if they don’t speak fluent English." said new instructor Watura Tomita in San Diego. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to be such an integral part of the Ryder Cup,"said Harris MacNeill, president of Champ. "Being a force on both the USA and European teams shows CHAMP Spikes diversity and uniqueness." [... more » ]
"CBUK is about the evolving game and golfers who are challenging traditional apparel, but still require all the benefits of technical golf apparel and quality sportswear," said Julie Snow of Cutter & Buck. [... more » ]
NoSnowMan Club Members will have access to a customized bundle of money-saving, unique, and entertaining value-added Internet golf services when they buy a shirt from a certified member retailer. [... more » ]
The awards are based on academic achievement, community involvement, extracurricular activities and leadership skills. To be eligible, the applicant must be a child or grandchild of a GCSAA member. [... more » ]
The new watercolor, oil and acrylic-based compositions are divided into six series dedicated to various subject matter including Guy Salvato’s signature Golf Course Landscapes and are now online. [... more » ]
When Captain Tom Lehman leads the Ryder Cup Team into the 2006 Ryder Cup in Ireland, 30 U.S-based charitable organizations and students at 19 colleges and universities nationwide will benefit. [... more » ]
"The EWGA Championship is a premier event for women of all playing ability levels." said Pam Swensen, CEO of the EWGA, about the tournament that was held this year at the Whirlwind Golf Club. [... more » ]
"In addition to everything else, the Inforemer even lets us offer wireless Internet access throughout the clubhouse. It’s an amenity we’re very proud to offer our golfers," said gm Brad Hisel. [... more » ]
Sure, Sergio Garcia is a mental midget in clutch golf situations (Ryder Cups don't qualify). But you can't help but root for him even as you know he'll never come close to reaching his potential. He's major at Ryders, nil in majors and dominant in politeness. Not so bad when you think about it. [... more » ]
We believe golfers should see improved results right-a-way. No, not that instant 30-yards with your driver junk you’re bombarded with in Golf Magazine and Monkey Digest. Though, you should see and feel the golf ball coming off the golf club better than it was. [... more » ]