Golf News for Monday, September 11, 2006
PGA Tour spots keep getting longer, but courses for Joe Public are too damn long. And: Trump Properties' new director of golf instruction on The Donald, and some ideas to help you with your game. Plus: Host Dave Berner and Chris Baldwin on Scottsdale, Arizona's high falutin' rep! [... more » ]
Max Out Golf centers use a proprietary gauntlet of launch monitors, wireless shaft load analysis tools, high-speed cameras, sensors and accelerometers to help golfers improve their game. [... more » ]
"The 4/5 Hybrid enables players to handle any type of condition. Like our name implies, they’ll do it accurately and be able to hit the ball with substantial length," said Rick Rutter, head of OnTrack Sports. [... more » ]
"This program offers PGA professionals/instructors and pro shop managers the ability to purchase the LogicalOne putter at a special price outside of the typical Awareness Package," said Kelly Thompson. [... more » ]
"We are thrilled to be the first to market with this unique technology in golf. This performance product will have a dramatic effect on consumers' golf shoe expectations in the future," said Rob Kelley of FootJoy. [... more » ]
The G-Clip is a ball mark repair tool that carries two tees of any length. There’s a Velcro strip to which the golfer can attach their glove between shots. It also holds a uniquely designed ball marker. [... more » ]
The 2006 event boasts a sell-out for its inaugural PGA Fall Expo Golf Outing & Testing Day, an 18 percent increase in PGA Professional pre-registration and growth of exhibitor participation to 336 companies. [... more » ]
Scott was previously with the company from 1988-98. In his new position he will oversee the organization's burgeoning need to provide agronomic services and consulting as well as input on irrigation. [... more » ]
"We have almost 100 golfers signed up to play, and our sponsors have been more than willing to pitch in financially to make this event a success," said Lara Coffee, SemperComm's executive director. [... more » ]
It's the U.S. Open, just before the Ryder Cup, and Tiger is getting chummy with Roger Federer. Maybe he could have chosen a little better timing than Sunday afternoon to root for a European. If that's not foreshadowing to an ugly U.S.A. K Club beatdown I don't know what is. [... more » ]
PGA Punter: Canadian Open Round Four: Furyk coasts home, but it's a shame about Sean [... more » ]
Injuries to the rotator cuff can be sustained through trauma -- a single event, like a poorly executed power swing, overuse, hitting a divot -- or from the cumulative effect of many years on the links. [... more » ]