Golf News for Monday, August 14, 2006
Join podcast host Dave Berner as he welcomes PGA instructor Chuck Evans who offers some ideas to help lower your handicap. Also, author Phillip Young stops by to introduce his new book, Tillinghast: Creator of Golf Courses. [... more » ]
The r7 460 TP driver, part of its Tour Preferred line of products, incorporates TaylorMade's renowned Movable Weight Technology into a 460 cc clubhead -- the largest volume allowed by the USGA. [... more » ]
"With the new product introductions, Titleist offers the better player a comprehensive choice of tour-proven equipment throughout the bag and the best opportunity to improve and succeed," said Titleist VP Chris McGinley. [... more » ]
Lantz used SK Fiber’s popular Javelin –CW shaft to launch his winning drive at 370 yards and earn a spot in the 2006 Euro Championship. Marcus Edblad finished fourth, also using the Javelin –CW. [... more » ]
The Skins Game is staged annually in the United States and Canada, with this year's Canadian event including Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Stephen Ames, Sergio Garcia and Greg Norman, who is a major investor in GPS Industries. [... more » ]
The 54-hole tournament will be played at Columbia-Edgewater in Portland, Oregon, from Friday Aug. 18-Sunday Aug. 20. Pro-Am events and practice rounds will be held from Monday through Thursday. [... more » ]
"Working at Barona Creek Golf Club gives me such a great advantage because I’m able to practice my game at one of the toughest championship courses in the country," said Ross Marcano, assistant golf pro at the club. [... more » ]
"Since Bionic has the latest and best in glove technology to help your hands while playing golf, we wanted to use the latest and best in mobile electronic technology to put video golf tips literally in your hands," said Cheryl Fink. [... more » ]
The OpenerHat features a bottle opener built into the brim of the hat; BevNeck is an insulated jacket to keep beverages cold; and BottleIt snaps onto any can, turning it into a bottle to keep out bugs and bees. [... more » ]
"I decided to put a series of golf tips on home made flip cards that I could carry with me. After using them for a short period of time, I went from shooting 120+ for 18 holes to a 12 handicap," said SwingKeys found Clayton Lloyd. [... more » ]
"We market the guys who hit it 300 yards," Tour player Joe Ogilvie told the New York Times. "If that's your message, and people see that beginning at the high school level, I think as a tour it is very naive to think that somebody down the line won't cheat." [... more » ]
While The International uses a different version that actually causes a player to lose points after a big number, the game I learned from some Aussies was much more ego-friendly: one point for a bogey; three for a par; five for a birdie; and seven for an eagle. [... more » ]