Golf News for Friday, August 11, 2006
Enjoying a tremendous year with UST Proforce shafts, the 16-year PGA Tour veteran is currently No. 2 on the World Money List with almost $4.7 million, and earned nine Top 10 finishes (2nd on Tour). [... more » ]
The Perfect Club Company's support of women’s health is evidenced by the pink ribbon grip and pink ribbon headcover that comes with each Ladies Perfect Driver. A portion of sales will go breast cancer research. [... more » ]
Dave is currently the president/CEO and majority owner of Duerson Foods and is the chairman/founder of the Dave Duerson Foundation. He is, however, probably best known for his professional football career. [... more » ]
“The Firethorn line is a great solution for any distributor who is looking for what’s new, what’s hot, what’s different,” said O’Bright. “Firethorn is a true golf brand with wonderful 'cachet'." [... more » ]
"The course was running hard and fast," said Tim Johnson, the Territory's golf director. "With four days of rising temperatures, golfers not only had to compete against the course and their opponents, but also themselves." [... more » ]
Results of month-by-month comparisons continue to support the findings of Pellucid’s 2006 State of the Industry Report, which indicated that course utilization slips in the fall for courses in northern climates. [... more » ]
The Shivas Irons Society, whose name honors the protagonist in the book Golf in the Kingdom, exists to explore golf's beauty and mystery, and to provide opportunities for personal and social transformation. [... more » ]
"We have developed a formula that can duplicate the natural action of the skin and help to heal the dry, damaged skin," said Enrique Alabata, director of R&D for 21st Century Formulations. [... more » ]
I recently played the TPC Deere Run in Sivis, Illinois, where first-rate service is standard. Before I could say, "Don't touch a thing on my bag or cart, and I'll still tip you," the fawning young lad was all over my stuff. [... more » ]
Miraculously, by the end of the ad, the woman smacks her drive as well as Natalie Gulbis! The men, their mouths agape, would probably still prefer to play with their buddies after this round, but probably for different reasons. I mean, what guy wants to be beaten by a girl? [... more » ]
"[Metedeconk Golf Club's] dedication to raising money for both the GCSANJ Foundation and the Robert Trent Jones Endowment Fund has been a remarkable and commendable achievement," said GCSAA CEO Stephen F. Mona. [... more » ]