Golf News for Tuesday, July 25, 2006
After watching Tiger cruise to his second consecutive Open championship, Barry and Stacy talk about course management issues. Also, tips for beginning players looking for the best golf equipment for them, while a Golf Digest pro gives even more tips to players on this edition. [... more » ]
"We congratulate the B.C. Open winner on his outstanding performance, and we’re proud that GDI shafts played a role in his victory," said Akio Karashima, CEO of Graphite Design International. [... more » ]
"We’re pleased that this club has had such a strong reception in such a short period of time. We set out to improve the original Hot Shot -- yet ended up with an entirely new club," said Eric Yeh, president of Infiniti Golf. [... more » ]
"This marks the second PGA Tour win in the last few weeks, which is matched by two European Tour wins, a Japan PGA Tour victory … all happening in July," said Toru Kamatari, president of Sonartec. [... more » ]
"It's exciting to be part of another championship this season, especially one with the magnitude of the British Open," said Harris MacNeill, president of MacNeill Engineering, following the British Open win. [... more » ]
"John has been the ultimate ambassador for Firethorn Golf, We’re celebrating his much-deserved win and rooting him on that he might secure a slot on the Ryder Cup team," said Mark Segall, V.P. of Firethorn. [... more » ]
"Our management and clients can’t believe how professional-looking our brand appears on the clubs. We were fans of Jazz before but this is really terrific," said Rhonda Brown of NCI FM radio. [... more » ]
"We believe Camp Creek serves as an excellent proving ground for players attempting to gain entry into the U.S Amateur Championship," said Will Hopkins, general manager of Camp Creek Golf Club. [... more » ]
The four fitting segments, set to air on the Men's Luxury Toy TV program on Fox Sports Net for four consecutive Saturdays beginning July 29, will highlight the benefits of playing custom-fit golf clubs. [... more » ]
Celebrity Tours is planning a weekend getaway to the warm and sunny climate of the Dominican Republic during the chilly days of December to provide relaxation and golf alongside a roster of celebrities. [... more » ]
Was there any doubt that Tiger would bounce back with an exceptional performance at the British Open? Well, actually there was, and quite a bit of it. Sure Woods didn't wow them with prodigious drives, but weren't people just whining that long drives were ruining the game? [... more » ]
I'm not sure if I sense a bit of bitterness in ESPN's "resident Brit's" tone, but whatever it is, he needs to come up with a few better reasons not to like the final round of the Open. [... more » ]