Golf News for Friday, July 21, 2006
“We are closing on 100 top-10 tour finishes here in the U.S.," said Mike Herron of Excel Golf Tee, "This amazing mark mostly comes from the PGA Tour but we do continue to succeed on the LPGA and Nationwide tours." [... more » ]
"Natalie is one of today’s rising stars on the LPGA tour," said Tod Pike of Canon U.S.A. "We welcome Natalie into the Canon family and look forward to supporting her during this golf season." [... more » ]
A new web site is creating lots of buzz among industry insiders and golf enthusiasts alike. features a user interface that is both attractive and effective while remaining easy on the eyes. [... more » ]
"Before breaking ground, we sold 50 percent of the residences based primarily on buyers understanding the value of the location and quality of the project," said Jerry Kaufman, managing member of The Blue’s development. [... more » ]
"I’m very excited to use my experience and enthusiasm for the golf and sportswear industries to help grow this great apparel brand. Linda’s designs have extremely broad appeal that reaches women of all ages," said Donovan. [... more » ]
Smith, 17, will be attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., next fall as a sociology/pre-law major. She began caddying at River Forest Country Club in 2004, and finished with 140 caddie assignments. [... more » ]
"We’ve created a truly player-specific collection that allows discerning golfers to be comfortable on the course and when weather conditions are less than ideal," said apparel designer Ralph Dunning. [... more » ]
In his career, Woods has been known mostly as a power player. Yes, he has all the other facets of the game, but he could always be counted on to blast it over whatever trouble might befall lesser hitters. Now, he's leading the British Open and he has hit driver exactly once! [... more » ]
The New York Post's famed Page Six is now turning to for some of its celebrity tidbits. At least when it comes to golf and politics. [... more » ]
Researchers seek to collect data from golf facilities that are conducting water monitoring projects, with the intent to publish a review of the quality of surface and ground water as affected by golf courses. [... more » ]