Golf News for Tuesday, July 11, 2006
This week, Barry and Stacy Solomon take it up a notch as they bring you some tips courtesy of the biggest names in golf, like Tom Watson, Annika Sorenstam and Ernie Els. Also, the Dynamic Duo keep getting more media recognition. All this and more on the Golf for Beginners podcast! [... more » ]
Victories by Allen Doyle, Brittany Lincicome and Stephen Dodd on the Champions, LPGA and PGA European Tours, respectively, advances the 2006 victory count for Titleist golf balls to 89. [... more » ]
"We’re pleased to see so many players across all the pro tours reach new milestones in their game playing UST shafts," said Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing for UST brands. [... more » ]
"It has been a rewarding and educational experience to achieve and document an environmentally sound golf course maintenance program," said Rob Lifsey, golf course superintendent at Cozumel Country Club. [... more » ]
"In the future, golfers who tee it up at Brunswick Plantation will remember not only the challenge and fun of our courses, but the exceptional environment we have created," said Heather Watkins, superintendent of golf course landscaping. [... more » ]
büji Block was developed as a pre-contact lotion. It forms a protective layer on the skin that inhibits absorption of urushiol, the toxic oil in these plants that often causes allergic skin reactions. [... more » ]
"Eagle is well established as a motorised golf car dealer. That it has now decided to work with TriBag illustrates just how innovative our product truly is. It has broken the mold," said Michelle Bray, TriBag’s managing director. [... more » ]
"This new line-up of women’s glove fashion colors in a variety of price points will surely compliment the golfer’s everyday golf attire," said Maria Bonzagni, FootJoy's senior marketing director for gloves and accessories. [... more » ]
"The PGA Tour Superstore concept is a huge hit in every location it goes to," said Tim Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner. "PGA Tour Superstore has begun to have an impact on the industry’s efforts to grow the game." [... more » ]
The USGA would much rather have seen Tom Watson win. Watson represents what the august golf bodies believe golfers should look and act like. Doyle is the antithesis of that – a big, raw-boned palooka, with a swing straight out of your weekend muni. [... more » ]
Sure, Big Ben skidded off that motorcycle without a helmet, scrapped up his grill and noggin and needed five titanium plates to put his jaw in place. But that’s not going to stop him from golfing. Please. Not golf? Come on, let’s not get crazy. Hey, this is celebrity golf! [... more » ]
Founded in 1991 by Nancy Oliver, the Executive Women’s Golf Association today has 120 chapters offering a wide range of golf, social and networking activities for both new and experienced golfers. [... more » ]