Golf News for Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Why hasn't Annika stepped up and attempted to qualify for the U.S. Open? And, Attention all women! This is OUR week! Go to Play Golf America, find out which course is hosting American Express Women's Golf Week and attend! Also: Our usual "slew" of golf tips. [... more » ]
"We deliberately took our time committing to the international market. We knew we had to find the perfect partner. Global Quest is the perfect fit," said Mike Herron, Excel's business development manager. [... more » ]
"We feel that this partnership will be beneficial to all parties involved and look forward to assisting Blue Green with growing their internet presence," said Clickit co-owner Robert Browning. [... more » ]
"Fred’s fashion sense, tremendous playing record and worldwide appeal make him the perfect addition to our roster of staff players," said Jesper Thuen, sponsorship and event manager for ECCO Golf. [... more » ]
"Brian’s accomplishments at Barton Creek are many," said G. Michael Thomas, president and COO of Barton Creek. "He has played a key role in guiding the development of the resort’s golf courses to their celebrated award-winning status." [... more » ]
"We are excited about Oak Hill being host to the greatest names in senior golf in May 2008, as the Senior PGA Championship makes its first appearance in the state of New York," said Roger Warren, PGA of America president. [... more » ]
"Leading the graphite wood shaft model count at the Bank of America Colonial shows that Tour pros trust Graphite Design International, especially on a course as demanding as Colonial," said Akio Karashima, CEO of GDI. [... more » ]
"Since ValleyCrest has taken over Pawleys Plantation, the course has gone from being a strong layout to being a strong layout with impeccable conditioning," said Mel Sole, a veteran of the South African PGA Tour. [... more » ]
Tri-Bag offers the ability to change the golf bag from a carry bag to a pull-cart bag while on the course. It works equally well on a golf cart, hence the name “Tri” for its use as a pull-cart bag, a carry bag or a golf-cart bag. [... more » ]
"Because no two rounds are ever the same and we all like to share stories about our great shots and unforgettable rounds on our favorite courses, Days of Glory is a great way to show and tell," said Doug Domian, CEO of Days of Glory [... more » ]
As I'm SURE you've read by now, 15-year-old Tadd Fujikawa qualified for the U.S. Open yesterday. And you skeptics said a teen Hawaiian phenom had no chance! [... more » ]
One of the points "Absolute Convictions" author Eyal Press makes quite eloquently is that a lot of white males go around making presumptive decisions for the women of the world. How gracious of them! Those women must not know how lucky they are. [... more » ]